Resogun Is Apparently Getting A Vita Release

Earlier today we posted a story about some updates coming to Resogun, including a photo mode and potential new levels. A fairly simple story that has now got even more interesting thanks to one comment in the comments section of the PS Blog post, by James Hawkins of the site’s team. When asked about a Vita version for Resogun the following reply was given.

Keep watching this space, the VITA version is coming and is looking, sounding and most importantly, playing great!

That one sentence has seemingly confirmed that a Vita version of Resogun is in development, though it is unknown at what stage it is at. Housemarque has made no such announcement of  this edition, which could mean the news was released a little earlier than planned. We’ve contacted the studio regarding the comment, and hopefully we’ll get a reply to confirm or deny the Vita version’s existence. Resogun for Vita would have to be reworked as the  effects in the PS4 version wouldn’t be easy to replicate in a downgraded version. Of course if you have a PS4, Vita, and have Resogun you can play it on the handheld via remote play.

Source: PS Blog via NeoGAF



  1. Dear Heavens…I can play this PS4 game without owning a PS4…omg…

  2. I played Resogun on Vita via remote play loads of times and it works really good with the Vita controls so a dedicated version for the handheld should be great, can’t wait.

  3. I saw this too and at the time I couldn’t remember it being announced officially before.
    There were rumours but I assumed it was more a case of fans wanting there to be a Vita port.
    Great news though if it’s true especially given how good Dead Nation and Stardust play on the Vita.

  4. Over remote play it works well but on master difficulty the lag just makes it a tad too mastery.

    If anyone in the UK fancies a partner for high scoring action add me: ionshower

  5. Perfect for the Vita, already have the plat but would definitely enjoy playing it again on a handheld.

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