Go Commando With The Resogun: Defenders Exapansion

Resogun’s not just coming out on PS3 and PS Vita, it’s also getting the new Resogun: Defenders expansion pack, with two new game modes, new ships and a few new planets to play around with.

Those game modes are called Protector and Commando, with the latter putting you as a little human running back and forth on the ground with the usual style of ridiculous Resogun explosions kicking off all around you. Check it out in the trailer below.


In addition to this, they’re also adding new features with a new patch codenamed “Challengers”, which adds challenges that span the whole game, which you have to complete to increase you Resogun pilot rank.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Looks good…..Except the bloke in the green suit!

  2. Is this part of the season pass? I remember buying that for about 4 quid, which seemed a steal at the time.

  3. That looks great and it seems it was a good move buying the season pass for this plus freebie.

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