Metal Gear Online Unveiled With First Trailer

Metal Gear Online was revealed just a couple of weeks ago but Hideo Kojima took a few moments out of Geoff Keighley’s game awards show to formally show off a stylish trailer that even included a bit of gameplay.

Kojima started the night off by tweeting from the official Metal Gear Online Twitter account but the premier trailer for MGO was shown shorty thereafter. On display in the trailer is a bit of character customization, some team play, a few of the gadgets at your disposal, and even a pretty cool looking mech. Have a look and let us know what you think.


Source: YouTube



  1. Got to love that dog. And that selfie. I love that MGS has these funny elements.

  2. Fantastic trailer, makes the game look dramatic and fun!

  3. I just hope MGSO is better executed this time. I remember waiting all day to get through to the servers in the last version. Only played 1 match and thought it was awful. Then a few days later I tried to play it again and had to wait for the data sync or whatever it was and turned it straight off. Probably my biggest disappointment in gaming ever.

  4. I cannot effing wait.

    Even if this costs a hundred bastard I’m all over this!

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