See The Epic Scale Of No Man’s Sky In New Gameplay Trailer

We’ve seen a few planets in No Man’s Sky, and we’ve heard plenty from Hello Games about how big the universe is – the fact that we won’t possibly be able to explore it all before the sun burns out – but we haven’t seen that scale for ourselves. How could we, after all?

Well, this new trailer manages to get that across somehow and shows how you’ll be able to warp across the universe to find different planets. As ever, it’s beautiful and looks brilliant.


No Man’s Sky will launch on PS4 and PC, hopefully before the sun burns out. Because I’d really like to play it.



  1. Looking better every time HG release a new video, your not the only one that would really like to play it.

  2. Wonderful stuff! But I get the feeling that this trailer shows what’s missing more than what’s present. No player models, limited animations and almost no interaction between players aren’t big worries, I’m sure those things will all come in time, but a finished game might be a little way off yet so maybe I’ll temper my excitement and invest in some patience jeans :)

    • They purposefully haven’t shown what the player will look like, apparently you’ll only get an idea when you see another player, but even then they may be wearing a helmet so you might not be able to tell what they look like. I will hazard a guess and say they have applied their procedural magic to that aspect too, so that each player has a unique appearance, but i guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  3. Just watched the chat with Sean Murray and he talked about how they have deconstructed the game’s music soundtrack so that each planet will have it’s own unique variation , partly influenced by the landscape and features of that location. Also, each of the creatures have their own unique voices.
    He also mentioned that they had passed a development milestone so the entire team were celebrating that at PSX – hopefully that means we get our hands on the game even sooner . :)

    • To have that level of randomness is amazing. Even the music. These guys are borderline genius :p At least for me.

      • They did something very similar in Red Dead Redemption, so that it was influenced by the players actions. It wasn’t until I saw this video and then went back to playing the game did I notice the huge effect this had on the atmosphere, its well worth a watch:

      • I’m not sure the music in RDR is really that random. The way they’ve split it up into lots of parts (all at the same tempo and in A minor) seems to be more a way of allowing the music to get from one place to another. The only real randomness is how quickly the various parts are added, which depends on what happens when you’re playing.

        Which is not to say the music isn’t incredibly good, because it is. Including those 3 proper songs.

        Why can’t they do a tarted up PS4 version? Or just get around to announcing a sequel. Easily the best game of the last generation.

      • The genius part for me is that because it’s all procedurally generated it all stems from a relatively tiny piece of code – although i assume he was joking when he said it would fit (minus soundtrack and some other elements they’ve had to add) on a floppy disk! :)

        Cheers for the video link about RDR gazza, that soundtrack was awesome, wonderfully evocative for the setting. I don’t know what to expect from the NMS’s soundtrack and i think it will possibly be more random than RDR’s and so might not have the same emotional pull, but hell, as long as there’s a Theremin in there somewhere i’ll be happy. :)

      • Everything should have a theremin in. In fact, all music should consist entirely of theremins and guitars played by e-bow. And piano, but only as a percussive instrument.

      • Gazza, that’s really impressive and a definite improvement on the only example I could think of, which was the steadily ramping and layering of music SSX3 achieved. That depended on your score multiplier and whether on not you were in the air, so you got basic beats at the start of a run, building towards the chorus of a track as you neared the super moves, then an airy muted version of the track as you were pulling the moves that slammed into the full volume of the chorus as you landed the big tricks. Sound and music can completely amplify a game, it’s good to hear clever use of procedural building in NMS, exciting stuff.

  4. Guys are on a roll

  5. Are there going to be any objectives in this, or will it literally just be warping from system to system? Don’t get me wrong, what we saw last night was impressive, but a tad boring if that’s the whole game.

    • Technically there are no clear set objectives for the original Elite… and that’s the classic Space sim. To be honest, there’s a delicate balance between being allowed to wander on your own under your own steam nd being given set strict objectives.

      • Isn’t that where trophies can be a good thing? If they’re done right, they can guide you to try out everything a game has to offer.

        As long as it doesn’t have a trophy for discovering every planet. All 2^64 of them.

      • Did any of you stay up to watch the “A night under No Man’s Sky” gameplay presentation at 5am? I was presuming that would reveal a bit more than the trailer. Hopefully it’s available to watch somewhere now.

  6. bloody hell!

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