The Order: 1886 Gets A New Trailer, Showing More Shooting

Ready At Dawn has taken to the stage at PlayStation Experience to show off some more footage for The Order 1886, this time with the main characters shooting at rebels in a kitchen making quite the mess. I’ll be honest and say that this portion of the game looks pretty generic, despite the setting being in a steampunk version of Victorian London.


Luckily the second trailer shows much more of the The Order’s promise, where one of the main characters gets into a one on one melee scrap with a werewolf. The werewolf can take a lot of punishment too, so those could prove to be tough fights. Of course we’ll find out when the game releases in February.

Source: PlayStation Experience


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  1. Too many games releasing in February, I’ll probably only buy one. This will have to be pretty amazing to better Batman or The Witcher.

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