EA’s Peter Moore Set To Make “Special Announcement” At Game Awards

This weekend’s Game Awards replaces the VGA/VGX pre-christmas trailer-thon and it’s taking place in Las Vegas, the same weekend as Sony’s big PlayStation Experience bash. There’s going to be plenty of “world premieres” with new game announcements and lots of the usual award-show-backslapping as the panel of 28 US media professionals select the winners for most of the categories and the five fan-voted awards are handed out.

But EA’s head honcho is also teasing a little something special:


Obviously, we don’t know if this is a game announcement or if it’s just related to some kind of DLC or exclusivity deal like the FIFA Ultimate Team Legends that are exclusive to Xbox. It might be a new title or simply new footage of a title we’ve heard about already (Mirror’s Edge 2, please).

It could be anything, basically, although it’s safe to assume that it will be gaming related and aimed at customers, rather than a boring sales announcement or something like that. The above tweet is vague enough, though, that it might just be that EA is really proud of its new office drapes and they want to declare their love of soft furnishings to the world. Who knows?

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping really hard for Road Rash Remastered, what about you?



  1. Obviously won’t be, but Skate 4 would be most welcome!

  2. We’ve figured out another way to fleece more money out of you? Single and multiplayer campaigns are now to be sold separately both at full price?

  3. I suppose this award ceremony will be worth watching given the amount of announcements it’s building up to.

    Let’s just hope they actually spend some time on the awards this time around. Instead of doing it during the million commercial breaks.

  4. Battlefront related?

    • Could be, maybe an an xbox exclusive, i just hope this isn’t the case though.

  5. Fight night 2015 ?????????????????????????


  6. Something Xbox related I’m feeling.

  7. Road rash would be brilliant. Well overdue a new one.

    • yeah man, new road rash or burnout trilogy hd be nice! ;)

  8. Perhaps Moore and Keighley are taking things to the next step and adopting a baby.

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