Microsoft Will Not Be Revealing Any New Titles At The Game Awards

It looks like The Game Awards will be a total Nintendo/PlayStation sausagefest as Microsoft will not be revealing anything new at the event, although Phil Spencer is on the Advisory Board.


I’ve had a quick nose around the official website and the nominees are rather, uhm, odd. The short list for Game of the Year is Bayonetta 2, Hearthstone and then Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dark Souls II and Shadow of Mordor, three hacky/slashy fantasy titles.

Developer of the year includes Blizzard (Hearthstone, a Warcraft expansion), Monolith (Shadow of Mordor), Telltale (a load of of games that essentially use the same mechanics in each one) and Ubisoft (purveyors of half broken games and $99 DLC).

Fantasia: Music Evolved gets a nod in Family games (did anyone actually buy it?), whilst Super Smash Bros. gets two nominations in the Fighting games category, one for Wii U and one for 3DS.

The TSA Team will be drinking Red Bull and coffee in an attempt to stay awake until 2am Saturday morning when the games are broadcast live from Las Vegas so there had better be some decent reveals as the awards themselves look a bit pants.

Source: Twitter / The Game Awards



  1. Ubisoft best developer? Completely mad. Although I’ve said this before and happy to say again. The general game playing and paying public don’t give a rats ass about the issues of bugs etc. They continue to buy and buy oblivious to the fact that the majority of the gaming community that keep up to date on these things are up in arms.

    Take my mate for example. He said to me that AC Unity and Driveclub were easily his favourite games this year. When I asked about all the issues of each his response was “what issues?”. When I listed them he just shrugged and said that those things happen sometimes.

    I still genuinely belive that people that use sites like this and keep abreast of gaming news are still firmly in the minority of the game buying public.

    Now this could all be a bit pointless for this news story as I’ve no idea how these awards were voted for. If it’s the general public then it stands. If it was industry insiders, then some people are smoking a bit too much crack.

    • No offence, but your mate sounds weird! ;)

      Seriously though even if you don’t keep abreast of news stories, both of those games were horrendously (& obviously) broken at launch, so much so that it would be impossible to not notice the issues. If he just shrugs them off though, that doesn’t bode well & tells me he likely has more money than sense!

      • I use the word “friend” loosely.

      • He makes up the majority, though, fella. Sadly, as we’ve seen over the years, people will still flock to average franchises or broken launches and buy them in their millions.

        It sends a clear message to all of the devs. “You can abuse us most of the time and we’ll take it like the game-bitches we are”.

        Thankfully, because of the more discerning gaming crowd you get on the likes of TSA, the internet has given us a united voice so we can finally bring the attention of catastrophic launches to their attention en masse. It’s slowly having an impact.

  2. They’ve really picked a broad range of titles there haven’t they?!

  3. I agree to a certain extent about the public being unaware or sometimes too uncritical about certain games but personally my biggest problem with AC: Unity was not the framerate and bugs; in fact, I hardly ever had a problem with it. Instead it was the gameplay and the controlling of the assassin. The former was just so much more of the same and the latter was the worst in the series in my opinion.

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