News Snatch: Volume, The Last Of Us, Sweden And PS2 HD

Greetings Snatchlings, once again I have scoured the TSA trash bin for videos and nonsense, starting with ever present Mike Bithell who is showing off his Volume. Fnar fnar.

“I’ll be very clear about my view of harassment or bullying. It’s completely unacceptable. Completely unacceptable. I will not be vague or equivocate about that.” – Sony Computer Entertainment America head honcho Shawn Layden.

A gritty live action short featuring Megaman, because reasons.

A rather fab video that explains the PS2 – yes that’s PlayStation 2 – could play games in HD and stream Netflix movies in Brazil.

A trailer for Final Horizon on PS Vita which is a thing, and that’s all I can tell you as the publishers/developers did not include any description when they uploaded the video to YouTube.

Why would you want this? The Last of Us is fab but I don’t want a deformed human head on my mantlepiece, thank you.

Staying with the Naught Dog epic, the movie version of The Last of Us is slowly crawling forward with Oscar-winning screenwriter Mark Boal (The Hurt Locker) giving the script a final polish. It was also revealed that Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt had passed on the role of Nathan Drake.

SPOILER ALERT! Do not click on the video above unless you want to see Far Cry 4 completed in less than fifteen minutes. At the start of the game you are taken to Pagan Min’s friend’s house for dinner. You should try and escape, but there is an alternative ending which can be unlocked by staying put.

Be wary of scams on Amazon, such as this PS4 for $89.99.

This is just getting silly now, we’ve had Goat Simulator, Rock Simulator, Bear Simulator and now Grass Simulator. It can only be a matter of time before Advanced Lawnmower Simulator is rebooted.

Sweden, famous for being blonde and sexy, is mulling a new law that would label sexist video games produced in the country. Gaming industry trade organisation Dataspelsbranchen has been given a 272,000 kronor ($36,672) grant by Sweden’s government-funded innovation agency, Vinnova, to investigate how Swedish video games portray female characters and gender issues.

Swedish developers include Avalanche (Just Cause 3), DICE (Battlefield 4), Mojang (Minecraft) and Starbreeze (PayDay 2).

Possibly not the news you want to hear, but Sony are targeting the casual gamers next year.

“What we want to see in the next year or two is a bigger mass market play, shall we say,” said Playstation UK top dog, Fergal Gara. “So in order to broaden and perhaps fill the void that’s being left latent by, say, the Wii – which is a shadow of its former self. We need to have the kind of product that will engage that more casual consumer. I think that’s a big opportunity for us.”

And Finally, an amusing bug from, what else, Assassin’s Creed Unity, in which a NPC wanders in to a cut scene and starts shouting en francais.


  1. Chris Pratt as Nathan drake come one really!! Why not that Jeremy renner whatever his name in avengers. He sort looks like drake but his personality seems dead

    • Nathan Fillion or GTFO.

      • Yeah Nathan Fillion would be perfect but I think he could be too old at this stage.

      • Well, Drake’s gotten old too. ;-)

  2. that AC video, when that npc walks in, it’s almost like a Nolan movie. ^_^

  3. That PS2 video is great and I’ve actually seen a PS2 doing HD! It was impressive, silly when it’s a US PS2 and you only have one game, but impressive. And who knew Saddam bought so many PS2s? Amazing.

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