Exploring MMO Wander Announced To Release On PS4 In March 2015

A new MMO has been announced for PS4, and it is called Wander. The game is also coming to PC. Unlike most MMOs where most of the focus is on combat against NPCs and other players Wander is more about exploration. In this world you being your journey as an Oren, which is a walking tree, and from there you can explore the 40 square mile island, discovering new forms such as the griffin so you can fly, or the azertash so you can explore the sea.


That’s not all the game has to offer though as each animal belongs to a tribe, and you can explore the island to uncover the mysteries of each. Other players will be around so you can work together to piece together Wander’s narrative, or just run around looking for the secrets that the island and sea hold for you. There’s also apparently a couple of cities to discover, though there’s no indication of what you could expect in them. There’s no pricing as of yet for Wander, and it is likely to be confirmed closer to the time of release, which is March 2015.

Source: PS Blog



  1. I’ll need to see a bit more but it sounds interesting and it visually it looks to be up to a good standard.

  2. It does sound interesting. I just hope the MMO aspect doesn’t break the immersion.

    I love exploration in games.

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