Never Alone Delayed Until Next Week In Europe For PS4

The simply delightful looking Never Alone has sadly been delayed in Europe by one week, thanks to another occurrence of the certification delay with SCEE. However, this seems to be a conscious decision by E-Line Media and Upper One Games, who wanted to roll out a patch alongside the game to fix a few nigging bugs. It’s this update to the game which has yet to pass SCEE’s testing.

In a statement, they wrote:


The launch of Never Alone for PS4 in Europe has been delayed until 26 November. We have a game update that is currently in certification testing with SCEE and we want this update to be live before the game goes on sale.

The version of Never Alone currently available for PS4 in the Americas has this same update already incorporated (or we would have delayed that launch as well). Never Alone for Xbox One and PC in all territories already has this game update incorporated.

E-Line and Upper One Games are committed to delivering the best customer experience possible. While we’re disappointed that the European PS4 launch will be delayed by a week, we are confident that game players will be delighted by Never Alone when it does come out.

It’s a crying shame, because the Iñupiat adventure sounds quite wonderful, following the story of Nana and Fox, as well as offering up an insight into Iñupiat culture. In the meantime, be sure to check out Aran’s review, which went live yesterday.

Source: press release



  1. Hopefully this’ll be good for the game, what with everyone knee-deep in GTA5 or Far Cry 4 this week. Will grab it next week!

  2. Not to worry, just a week delay and it’ll be better experience playing the game without the bugs.

  3. That’ll pretty much doom it to no sales and a PS+ appearance in a few months then. Although that’ll lead to complaints about the 70+ metacritic rating thing again.

    Everyone will have forgotten about it by next week. Which is a shame, as it looks interesting.

    • It’s being swamped by the big hitters so a week’s delay (and the desire for most people to come down from various killing sprees) might well work in its favour.

      I’m just 45 minutes into the PC version but it’s running smoothly and looking lovely.

      • Not entirely sure anyone who likes GTA5 enough to pay full price for a tarted-up PS4 version is going to be rushing to buy it next week, really.

        And since some muppet finally persuaded me to order Dragonage Inquisition, I suspect I’ll be too engrossed in that come next Wednesday. (Especially as the other half is taking me to Birmingham to see James on Saturday. The band, not just some random bloke called James. I love him and everything, but really, what sort of timing is that? ;)

      • That’s your fault. Never trust anyone online. Except me. :-)

        Did you go look into Inquisition? Looks bloody great. Enjoy James (band or otherwise). ;-)

      • Yes, I looked at a couple of videos. Looks quite gorgeous and a lot more of a game than DA2 was. And combat that looks interesting, rather just repeatedly bashing X to win. (Which is less fun than having to repeatedly press X to Jason)

        So your suggestion the other day of looking at some youtube videos cost me 40 quid. Thanks :P On the other hand, it gives me something to do after a trip to Birmingham. Escaping to some fantasy world after the grim reality of Birmingham is probably a good idea ;)

  4. It’s nice in the single player but the moment you can control both of the characters, I thought “oh, wow… this is MADE for Share Play!”. Hope it’s supported. :-)

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