New Medic Character For Evolve Revealed With Gameplay Video

Revealed earlier today, Caira is the newest character to join the expansive roster of the upcoming co-operate monster hunting game Evolve. Unlike the other medic class characters, she’s a character built around close encounters and explosive action.


Take her gadget, for example, which creates an adrenaline-boosting field around her and the team in order to boost their movement speed significantly. She also has a unique, dual-mode grenade launcher. One of the modes isn’t too surprising: it lobs grenades that explode and heal teammates on impact. Healer business. Y’know. The other mode, however, is an actual weaponized grenade launcher that inflicts massive amounts of fire damage onto the enemy. Because a Hot & Cold pack just isn’t enough.

Turtle Rock will continue to reveal new characters, maps, and other goodies for Evolve over the days and weeks, leading up to the official release of the game on February 10th, 2015.

Source: YouTube