Evolve Stops Evolving, V2 Console Version Probably Won’t Happen

2K and Turtle Rock have announced that work on V2 of Evolve, which transitioned the game from a boxed product to a free to play title on PC, has ended. 2K have taken over the project and will run the servers in house but with “no future updates are currently planned”, the game is essentially dead in the water.

In a separate post on their forums Turtle Rock say “There’s a lot that we really wish we could have done, especially taking Stage 2 to consoles, but it looks like that’s just not meant to be,” and 2K admit that the PC version is their primary focus at the moment.


Thankfully Turtle Rock themselves seem to be moving on to new projects, saying they have “lots of stuff in the works”, perhaps one of them will be Left4Dead 3?

Despite gaining a huge boost in players when the game went free to play, jumping from just hundreds up to over 15,000, the user base has dwindled once more with an average of just over 1,600 players last month.

Source: 2K / Turtle Rock

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