WeView: inFamous: First Light

For this week’s WeView, we will be shedding some light on the inFamous Second Son spin off, First Light. In First Light you play as Fetch, with her colourful neon powers taking centre stage, as you delve a little deeper into her troubled back story.

I’m yet to play First Light but I have had a great experience with Second Son. Whilst the neon powers weren’t my favourite to play around with, Fetch, as a character seemed the most mysterious, and I was always intrigued to find out a little more about her. With the game coming to PlayStation Plus in the coming months, I highly doubt I’ll pick it up before then.

Blair reviewed First Light for TSA scoring it 8/10. He admitted that Fetch “isn’t quite as exciting a protagonist as Delsin Rowe, however her rich backstory brings new opportunities for storytelling”. He added “Fetch does a better job here than as she did as part of the supporting cast of Delsin’s story, but doesn’t quite have the humour or charm of Troy Baker’s character”.

For those playing inFamous for the first time, “this is a package brimming with content which serves as a superb introduction to one of Sony’s best franchises right now”, but for players already familiar with the series they will find “that there will be some unnecessary missions which feel a bit too similar to their Second Son counterparts”.

Blair did say, however, “there’s still plenty fresh here for those who have played the main game, and there are even improvements to be found for those who didn’t get along with the title” – so you shouldn’t let that deter you.

Visually, First Light “remains very similar to Second Son and there’s no downgrade despite it being a separate release”. The neon powers really did stand out from the rest during Second Son and “Fetch brings her own flair to them with light trails being more permanent and the colours taking on more shades of pink”.

Blair concluded:

Whether you’re new to inFamous or not, First Light is definitely worth looking into. The only reason you won’t enjoy this is if you didn’t get on with Second Son at all, and although there are some improvements, there’s not enough difference here to convince those who dislike inFamous. The plot may fall flat at points and there might be a sense of repetition, but a return trip to Seattle isn’t something you should turn down. And if you have never visited before, then what are you waiting for?

Now it’s over to you. Let us know what you thought of First Light in the comments below. Be sure to give the game either a Buy It, Plus It, Sale It or Avoid It rating, though I have a feeling that PS+ is going to skew the results here. Get you comments in by Sunday evening in time for Monday’s verdict article.



  1. I loved Infamous 1, 2 & Festival of Blood, so was really excited for Second Son on the new generation PS4. Unfortunately, apart from a few pretty visuals, it was extremely disappointing. An awful protagonist I just wanted to slap, an unimpressive replica of Seattle and a short campaign with extremely boring side missions. As a result, I’ve avoided this, so interested to see what people say!

  2. I’ve not played it but I will say a couple of things. I am slightly sceptical because out of the 4 (?) powers, I thought Neon was the worst. No idea why.

    Also, this is coming to PS+ next month so pretty sure it’ll get that as the most popular vote.

    Anyway, there’s my 2 cents. Completely pointless to tell you but I’m insanely bored at work.

    • It does expand on the neon ability, you can really get around fast and do some cool stuff

  3. I’ve not played it but as it’s on plus soon i’ll give it a try at some point.

  4. Will Plus it… I’ve jumped on board all of the series so far, and Festival of Blood, but for some reason Fetch didn’t interest me enough to pay the entry fee – plus we’ve had neon already.

    The inFAMOUS Paper Trail however… that made Second Son for me. Brilliant idea, reminded me a little of PlayStation Home’s Xi or its Heavy Rain promo.

    • I could never get the paper trail to work!the servers always had a problem.
      Definately will take a look at this on plus

  5. It’s a buy it from me,throughly enjoyed it!
    Although with it coming to plus,there’s no point in buying it!
    I don’t regret purchasing it at all though :)

  6. Loved infamous on ps3 but Second Son was a huge disappointment. ‘Infamous goes mainstream to appeal to the beenie wearing, spray-painting, casual, dudebro gamer’ Would have been a more fitting title (though perhaps a little long winded).

    First Light was a little better. Fetch was a much better character than the god awful Delsin and I thought the story was much improved over SS. But it still failed to recapture the magic of 1 & 2 for me.

    The first two infamous games were crazy, unrestrained fun. But most importantly they were interesting. Second Son and to a lesser extent First Light, felt too orchestrated and overcooked. Like Sucker Punch’s true vision was being stiffled by a team of cold, calculated, boardroom executives with a sales quota to meet. Anything considered too ‘out there’ was overuled at the risk of putting of the casual gamer. As a result they lost that wacky flair that made the original games so great in the first place.

    Despite my feelings on this new direction for the series, both games were fun to play. I achieved the platinum for both SS and FL so they’re not completely awful experiences. They’re not bad games. They’re actually very well made, beautiful looking games so I’d still recommend them. But compared to the orginals, they’re bland and forgettable once you complete them.

    If you havent played the originals, buy it but buy the originals too. And if you have played the originals buy it but set your expectations really low.

    So yeah, basically just buy it but know that I am unhappy with the new direction :D

    What was the article about again? It’s been a really long week.

  7. great game, if you liked Second Son, you should love this.
    i actually think Fetch makes better use of the neon powers than Delsin does.
    she can certainly get about quicker than Delsin.

    in most games like these, i hate the races, in this one, i actually enjoyed them.

    i’d like to see Abigail get a full game of her own, though, i think they’d have to come up with a new way for her to get new abilities, i don’t know how many times they could do the, get so stressed she spontaneously develops new powers, thing.
    you’d have to find a way to make the player work for the powers.

    if there’s a downside, it’s the length, it’s short, really short.
    but it’s also relatively cheap too.

    and there is some replay value on the challenge maps, i haven’t done many of those yet, i was mostly interested in the story.

    if it wasn’t coming to Plus soon, i’d say buy it, without a doubt.
    but as it is i’d say just be patient and plus it, you’ll only have to wait just over a month.

    • Just realised my comment is almost an exact copy of yours!

  8. Great game. I always felt Fetch was a more interesting character than Delsin and the neon power was the best so it’s great to see some more development of both. A lot of the game is ‘more of the same’, especially the side missions but since it came a while after I’d last played Second Son I didn’t mind that so much.
    The story is rich and interesting but quite short. The arena mode is a good extension but I didn’t really do many of the challenges outside the ones in the story. Just found waves of constant enemies a bit tedious really.

    I’d say buy it but, as hazelam says, it’s gonna be on plus soon so do that.

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