Strikes, Raids & Co-operation – Why I Can’t Let Destiny Go

Destiny is a flawed game in many ways, but it’s also one with a very compelling hook that can have people constantly coming back for more. Since the game’s release at the start of September, I’ve played for six days and nine hours – passing the 150 hour mark last night and fast approaching a full week of game time. Destiny has only been out for 11 weeks.

Yet I’m still finding enjoyment and wanting to go back to it, with the fleeting distractions of other titles resoundingly rebuffed so far, just not for the reasons that I might have initially had. The lacklustre presentation of the story has done little to entice me to replay those missions, but the rewards for completing the daily story mission has seen me dabble with them on occasion. It’s quite telling, perhaps, that I’ve completed story missions 57 times, but have finished the strikes 58 times.

That’s where much of the end game challenge lies, with the weekly and nightfall strikes and strike playlists scaling upwards to stretch far beyond level 20 and providing greater challenges and rewards. Of course, the ultimate goal has been to earn better armour, to upgrade them to include more light and be better equipped to tackle the Vault of Glass.


That’s been the real draw for me to return each week, to take on the Vault of Glass once more and go up against the most difficult and inventive part of Destiny. The collaborative puzzle solving – admittedly aided by help from the internet – was a particular highlight, giving way to the exhilaration of finally completing it for the first time.

It gets easier, as your team learns what needs to happen in a given situation and you head into the raid with better gear – particularly once you’ve started to earn the raid’s own gear and weapons which are noticeably better. Yet, there’s always been that joy of living vicariously through others who are seeing everything for the first time.

Getting six people into the same place at the same time for lengthy periods of time can be difficult – though completing the raid in around an hour is eminently possible. Very often, we’re looking for one or two extra players, and I’ve tried to always push for them to take the lead and explore the Gorgon maze or to learn how to use the relics and get that first time feeling, even with the safety net of people that know what’s going on.


And there’s also the joy of playing the game with people you know – whether friends, friends of friends or drawing familiar names from TSA’s community – and a kind of camaraderie through the trial by fire that the raid can often be. Over the past three months, the net has gradually widened to encompass more and more players who happen to be online at the right time to join a prospective raiding party.

Yet even the raid is starting to lose its lustre, I fear. It’s still the focal point of my time in Destiny, and close to being my most played part of the game, but I’ve seen it through to the end 14 times now, have sapped much of the challenge from it on normal difficulty and now, on Monday, defeated it on hard difficulty. I’ve also acquired and used many legendary and exotic weapons, so that those outstanding aren’t something I’m actively looking for.

Bungie have tried to mix things up since launch, first with the Queen’s Wrath event and twice since with the Iron Banner, which draws on the game’s competitive multiplayer. The Iron Banner has certainly sunk its hooks into many players, as a new opportunity to acquire certain pieces of armour capable of taking you to level 30, but I’m already there.

This feeling makes the timing of the first of the two upcoming DLC packs all the more important, with fresh story content – hopefully with a better attempt at storytelling – alongside a new strike and raid. Yet, in terms of the amount of new missions that it will contain, it still smarts to see such a poor exchange rate from dollars to pounds, regardless of how much potential game time it actually contains.

Yet I expect it to stoke my enthusiasm and desire to play the game more. The hunt will resume to find new pieces of armour to take me to level 32, of course, and I’ll doubtless find new weaponry along the way too, but again, it’s really the new raid that I’m looking forward to. The Vault of Glass offered up something so uniquely satisfying and, even without the same breadth of people to play with, I’m looking forward to testing myself and my raiding party in The Dark Below.



  1. Let it go. Let it go.
    It’s overrated and it’s poor.
    Let it go. Let it go.
    I’ve never been this disappointed before.

    Here I stand feeling quite betrayed.

    This game never interested me anyway.

    • Love it. Also pretty much sums up how I feel about the game. Looks nice, but very, very monotonous, and I’m only level 3!

      • I agree. I enjoyed it for the most part but once I finished the story and got to the level 20+ grinding and doing the same missions and raids over and over again it was time to send it to ye old trade store

    • Overrated? Not by me. I gave it a 7/10, citing the repetition, grinding and lacklustre story as major disappointments, but that the combat and actual gunplay is really very nicely done and that the Vault of Glass showed an invention and challenge that isn’t apparent in many other parts of the game.

      • Yeah, its still a good game, but the shame is that with a few refinements it could have been an excellent one.

        Well, I guess there is still time before Destiny 2! ;)

    • So tired of this song…the song that never dies, apparently. This was pretty funny, though. Well done, sir, thanks for the chuckle.

  2. So Destiny is the whore you’ve been two-timing me with. Hurrumph. :-(

    Nah, seriously, fella… great to know Destiny has won you over so comprehensively. Still not sure I’m try it out any time soon but Dragon Age is my new bitch. :-)

  3. I absolutely agree, I doubt there’s been many days since I got the game where I haven’t played it for at least a couple of hours. The Vault of Glass has been a real highlight too, and completing it for the first time after hours of attempts felt really satisfying and a genuine accomplishment. And playing with your mates is just the icing on the cake, particularly friends of mine who I rarely get to see in real life, or at all!

  4. How the hell have you managed to play it for nearly a full a week out of the last 11??, di you ever sleep?

    Woukd love to try the raid but waiting until im lvl 28 and going struggle to find enough people to do it. Can you do it with just 3-4 players or is it only possible with 6?

    • You absolutely need 6 people to play it. A number of points have you splitting up into pairs and trios to hold certain objectives, or what have you. Only an exceptional few are able to do these with less than 6.

      • Ok cheers, very much doubt i’ll be able to do it. Bit annoyed that the entry requirement for this is so high seeing as i played 55 bloody quid and i wont be able to play some of the content, they really should make a version of the raid that only requires 4 players. Its a bit much to expect 6 people to all be available at the same time and be able to play for a lengthy session. Working full time makes this all a pain in the arse to arrange. Love the game though

      • Yeah, being honest about it, if the wife hadn’t been away for the past 3 weeks or so, I doubt that I would have had the spare time to enable me to get involved in the raid – I’ve spent more time on destiny recently than I actually care for (my pile of shame is positively screaming at me!), but regardless of what common sense tells me, I am still enjoying logging the time on it.

        It’s just fortunate that Destiny has its hooks in me too, so I have been on most nights since I got it. That’s helped a lot as it has enabled me to level up my gear quite a lot & generally become better at the game (somewhat at least). I still make mistakes of course (being the first to die last night in an unplanned ‘no deaths’ run through of the raid being a particular low point – Although I did prophecise it would happen!), but with respect to planning if you aren’t quite so readily available, it’s easy enough to create a thread in the forum, get some likeminded folks together & then create a meet,

        If you can get something arranged to enable you to do it, it’s definitely worth it. It’s a really good part of the game, even if it does take some time & patience to complete (on hard especially). The beauty of the Raid is that it is checkpointed though, so you can take it on a little by little basis. The only problem is arranging the time together is all.

      • Yeah i will definately try as really want to do it, maybe i’ll make a forum post like you say and see whos interested in doing it with me. Might have people on my friends list already that can be available but unlikely. I do really enjoy the game though, i want the dlc but its a total rip off, will probably cave though

      • I play in a group of 3 quite often, so we would need another 3 people to take on the VoG, if you are looking for more players?

      • @Forrest Yeah damn you for dying, that trophy was within grabbing distance! :P In fairness though that platforming bit is a bitch!

        I would of placing a bet on myself dying first, im surprised I didn’t as I was the lowest lvl.

      • Yeah ok add me, jones_81. May not be on it much for a week or two those as got other stuff to play and need to lvl up a bit first aswell

      • @RudeAwakening – Honestly, I cannot tell you how disappointed I was with myself at that point. I knew I would be the first to go & was right – I’ve never been so annoyed to be correct about something before though!

        It was that bloody crack in the ledge – They really should get some contractors in to sort that out. Can’t be more than a days work to fill that in with a bit of concrete! ;)

      • Jones81, try using or /r/fireteams when you want to try the vault. DestinyLFG in particular makes it pretty trivial to find a 6 man party. Tell them you are a first timer and they’ll no doubt explain as you go.

      • Hey folks, long time no see, been playing this tonnes too and if I’m not otherwise engaged, I’ll always happily help out on raids. Peace!

  5. I have to say its been a breath of fresh air for me playing Destiny. I loved it, up until recently where I’m now getting bored of the same stuff. I can’t justify paying £20 for lack of DLC content so really I might as well move on to another game unfortunately.

  6. I’m still playing away at it,and throughly enjoy the raids,so much fun.
    Though I took the disc out finally the other day once far cry 4 arrived.
    I will be going back to it for sure.

  7. Brilliant game , love playing it will my mates. So many memorable moments too of getting in complete tight spots by leeroy Jenkins’ it

  8. It’s a great game, I honestly don’t understand how people find it so dull, especially at the beginning, although I can see the end game being a slog. It’s more about the Crucible for me, I loved Iron Banner too.

  9. Still playing it. Still loving it.

    Got my final piece of raid gear. The chest piece funnily enough. Already had the helmet (up yours Atheon!). I’ve found the game has changed again now I can choose what gear is best for my current activity without having to sacrifice my level.

    And words cannot to justice to how I feel about the Fatebringer. That thing was crafted from pure refined win.

    So yes, I agree the DLC pricing is kinda iffy (Activision seem to be under the impression that £1=$1=1euro) But I’m still going to get it….

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