Metal Gear Online Is Coming Back; To Be Formally Revealed Next Week

A bit of surprising news hit the interwebs last night, with Geoff Keighley announcing that Metal Gear Online is making a comeback and that it’ll be revealed next week at Keighley’s new video games awards show in Las Vegas. Shortly after Keighley tweeted it to the masses, the ‘Kojima Pro Live’ account verified it with their own tweet, which can be seen below.


At this point we can really only speculate about what it will be like this time around or even what platforms it will be available on. For those that don’t remember, Metal Gear Online originally launched with Metal Gear Solid 4 on PS3 but shut down a few years later, much to the disappointment of some very vocal gamers that took to the internet to voice their displeasure. This announcement will no doubt be music to their ears.

Head to the comments and let us know what you thought of the original, and if you’re looking forward to finding out what we’re in store for when it’s revealed on December 5th.

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  1. This was the first game I played that got me hooked to online gaming. Be glad to see it come back.

  2. The only thing that stopped me playing this last time was the ill thought Konami ID system

  3. I only played MGO briefly, I remember thinking it was a very unique type of multiplayer, some people were very very good at it and I was very very very poop. Never put the time into getting better, though I meant to before it was shut down, so I’m excited to have a bash at a new gen version! Hopefully it’s part of Phantom Pain, a little bit slower paced than I remember MGO being and I’d bet any money the trophies will be bloody hard :)

  4. I never got as far as the actual game last time, I tried but gave up because the system was mental. It went something like this.
    1) put disc in, go to play, be informed you must go to Konami com and register first (what? I don’t want to register! But hey I want to play the game so OK I’ll go to your stupid website and register)
    2) go to said website, fill in an 8 page document questioning my entire life story.
    3) at the end of the process, receive a Konami id, a metal gear id, a game access code, remember all of this along with your new password.
    4) go back to the game and enter your new Konami id that you didn’t want and wasn’t necessary, along with your metal gear id which you kept the same as your psn id anyway so there was no point. Enter your game code. Remember then enter your new password for the website you’ve just signed up for that you’re literally never going to use.
    5) hit enter. Some of the information you’ve entered is incorrect, though we’re not going to tell you which bit. Good luck figuring that out.
    At that point I gave it a big eff off and never returned.
    I honestly don’t understand why games keep doing this. I don’t want to sign up for your website, I’m never going to use it. I just want to play the game. Destiny is just as bad for it. With technology now it’s clearly possible to display all stats in-game, call of duty was doing it years ago!
    Sorry guys I went way off topic there but as you can tell I’m still bitter with that metal gear online business.

    • Same here, but I only got to step 2 then played something that didn’t want my life story first! If they try it again they’ll be a uproar.

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