PlayStation 4: The First Year

It’s quite incredible that we’re about to be celebrating the Playstation 4’s first birthday in the UK this weekend. Last November many of us were taking our first tentative steps into the gorgeous vistas of Killzone Shadow Fall or flying through millions of exploding voxels in Resogun, or perhaps you’d only got as far as marvelling at the glowing stripe in that distinctive case. Or perhaps that was just me. Either way, we thought it would be a great opportunity for us here at TSA to look at what our highlights of the PS4’s first year have been, as well as those troublesome disappointments, and some thoughts on what the next year could hold. As always, we’d also love to hear about your personal take on Sony’s first year, both positive and negative!

Straight out of the gate, one of the biggest improvements over the previous generation was the addition of that Share button to the Dualshock 4. In fact, for our editor Blair it was a huge asset for everything we do here; “my highlight has been just how connected it all is – the Share button was a genius move on Sony’s part, allowing you to upload screenshots, videos, and even just broadcast your game to the masses. It’s been great for content on TSA, and it just works so well”.


That interconnectivity really makes a marked difference to how we access games now, with Peter summing it up, “The share button has been a revolution, with Twitch streams and tweeted screenshots regularly piquing my interest in games that I would otherwise perhaps have passed on – or at least resisted a little longer. Share Play is also going to be amazing for the way we play games, if the big publishers don’t conspire to ruin it by blocking off their games.”



Sony have certainly seemed to grasp the potential that the network provides for gamers to connect to each other, despite the problems that PSN has had over the past year. Aran has seen his multiplayer gaming time expand greatly thanks to this; “Possibly my biggest highlight has been the online multiplayer. On the last gen I did quite a bit of it, but it died down over the last couple of years. However, on PS4 I’ve had the pleasure of playing Destiny with a lot of the TSA community, and Share Play is also one of my favourite features where I can chat with people while they’re playing on my PS4 while being somewhere else in the world”.

That Destiny multiplayer had many of us hooked, with Tuffcub right in amongst the action; “A highlight has to be completing that blasted Vault of Glass raid in Destiny for the first time, an immense, if utterly pointless achievement. I understand now why people complained about a lack of party chat on PS3, it makes such a difference in multiplayer games and the PS4 is much more social.”

The technology that Sony gained when they purchased Gaikai has definitely paid dividends, from Share Play through to the emergence of Playstation TV and Playstation Now. One of my personal highlights has been the functionality of remote play between the Vita and the PS4. It seems unbelievable to be able to turn my console on from my in-laws house, and play an almost lag-free game of Final Fantasy 14 over the internet on my handheld from miles away.

No new console is complete without software, and Matt found a lot to love in the first PS4 Playstation Plus title; “I think one of the biggest PS4 highlights for me continues to be Resogun. Not only is it a great game that many PS4 owners got for free right at launch, but it’s aged really well and continues to be supported by Housemarque with expansions and free content. As AAA games come and go, I keep going back to Resogun to wind down a night of gaming or to just kill time”.


The other two Playstation exclusives at launch may not have hit the mark for some, but there were still incredible moments to be found in them. Tuffcub cites his first moments in one of them as a pivotal PS4 moment; “My highlights would include the first time I saw the stunning swoop through the city near the start of Killzone Shadow Fall. Not only was it technically impressive with reflections a-go-go, particle effects and waterfalls, it was a sunny blue day filled with cherry blossom and laughter, a stark contrast to previous Killzones which were dark and grim.” Personally I really enjoyed the other Sony exclusive Knack, which despite some lacklustre check-pointing had a great graphical style and challenging old-school gameplay.

I also loved the improved graphical fidelity of cross platform releases like Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag and the definitive edition of Tomb Raider. Matt highly rated another returning game; “The Last of Us is another high point of the PS4 for me so far. I understand the complaint about too many remakes and HD collections these days, but we’re talking about one of the greatest games of all time. A very shiny new coat of paint was reason enough for me to beat it two more times and reinforce my own opinion of just how great that game is. It also gave me a chance to check out the multiplayer this time around, something I really enjoyed after never giving it a shot on my PS3.”

Dan also got a lot out of some of those same remakes; “Playing Tomb Raider and The Last Of Us again, the latter in the rather brilliant 60fps, has been a blast. I still can’t get over how good of a game The Last Of Us is, with the Left Behind DLC providing a great back story to Ellie, which I hadn’t had the chance to experience on the PS3.”


It wasn’t necessarily all just about the graphics for some members of the team though, despite the new consoles muscle, with Stefan enjoying some of the smaller experiences on offer. “I had a lot of fun with indie games like Transistor, Octodad and Velocity 2X,” he said, “and while they struggled with the bigger budget games, Ubisoft’s little experiments with Child of Light and Valiant Hearts were wonderful. “ Dan’s own personal gaming highlight of the year was downloadable title Outlast “It’s a wonderful game, that has really freaked me out at times. It looks great too and the sound does a fantastic job in creating a nail biting atmosphere, even if you’re just watching and not playing.”

Despite a few missteps, it’s been an excellent year for gaming, with some fantastic titles appearing for PS4. Jim sums it up perfectly, saying, “Just look at the last couple of months. From Destiny and Shadow of Mordor to Advanced Warfare, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Far Cry 4, all are spectacular games and, what’s more, this is just the beginning.”

Unfortunately, the last twelve months hasn’t all been plain sailing for Sony, with the PS4 beset by various problems. One of the key issues has been the release of games in a frankly unfinished state, with graphical, performance and connectivity issues all raising their head, occasionally at the same time.

For Tuffcub it was a huge problem; “Day one patches. It is become increasingly common for games to “go gold” and yet be a mess. Yes, I’m talking about you AC Unity. The Evil Within was also completely and utterly borked without the day one patch, with terrible frame rates, the wrong resolution and loads of glitches. Sadly I can only see this practise becoming more common, it won’t be long before the 50GB Blu-ay will only contain a 100MB downloader app that will download your £60 game in 5GB chunks as and when the developer gets round to finishing the next level. “

Dan was also disappointed by the Assassin’s Creed: Unity problems, stating that it was simply “not acceptable for such a huge release”. Hopefully Ubisoft have learnt from their mistakes this autumn, as it’s safe to say that consumers will be wary of trusting their games again on future release days.


Another key problem for the tsa staff has been the Playstation Network, which despite being a paid for service now still hasn’t improved much beyond the PS3 era, with both Blair and Aran citing it as an issue. For Matt it was the main disappointment of the year; “I only really have one complaint about the PS4 so far and that’s the continued inconsistencies of the PlayStation Network. Don’t get me wrong, my Xbox One has network down time now and again as well, but it seems to happen a lot more often on PS4, and often right when something I really want to play is coming out. The regular network maintenance and the times they choose to do them are also obnoxious.”

Peter’s main problem with the PS4’s first year was the lack of truly compelling exclusives, a fact which has been amplified this autumn with both the Xbox One and the Wii U receiving a number of high quality exclusives while Sony has faltered. “In general, I think the exclusives haven’t been good enough,” he said. “Killzone: Shadow Fall was gorgeous but the campaign was a bit hollow, Knack was unimaginative and tedious, Infamous: Second Son was lacking that little bit extra to take an undoubtedly fun experience and make it into a truly great game. As time has gone on, things haven’t improved either – Driveclub’s release has been a mess that’s seen a great looking game with an enjoyable driving model wither under the noxious stench of broken online play and broken promises to Plus members.”


It wasn’t just the big hitters that drew ire from the team with Tuffcub beset throughout the year by his pet hate; “Pixel games. Hundreds of the bloody things. They were quirky at first, ho ho look at my hipster cleverness for making your brand new beast of a machine look like a 1980’s PC, but now they are a plague infecting the PS4. I simply just won’t bother playing pixel games any more, I don’t care how acclaimed they are. They need to go away, and fast, ‘This is not what I bought my PS4 for!’”

Unfortunately, myself, Aran and Stefan were all hit by that most feared event of the early adopter – hardware failure. However, I was very impressed by the service they provided, and both of us received replacements consoles from Sony. Fortunately it seems as though they’ve managed to prevent a widespread disaster like Microsoft had with the 360, and have managed to retain good will by rectifying any problems very swiftly.

What does the next year hold for Sony? The team here at TSA is certainly very positive about what’s possible in the next 12 months, with Blair hopeful that things will pick back up in 2015; “Sony started with a bang, which has been slowly quietening down since launch, even with a brilliant E3 showing this year. Once Bloodborne and The Order get the ball rolling from February onwards, hopefully they can pick up the momentum again.” Dan meanwhile kept his hopes short and sweet; “Simply more great games like Outlast and inFamous, no more shambolic releases, more racers and better Plus offerings.”

Peter is pinning his hopes on Sony’s exclusives, stating “I’m extremely optimistic about the potential of Uncharted 4 and there will undoubtedly be several fantastic third party games to look forward to but I’m really hoping that there will be a few more blockbuster exclusives to brighten up the PS4’s second year.” Stefan meanwhile just hopes for improvements across the board, “2015 should really see everyone hitting their stride. I look forward to more indie games, more polished big budget titles and, most importantly, more PS4 firmware updates!”


Personally, I can’t wait for No Man’s Sky, a game which has enthralled me since its original announcement, as well as the incredible looking PS4 exclusive Rime. I also, like many of the team, can’t wait to return to Nathan Drake’s story in Uncharted 4, especially as Naughty Dog are likely to draw every last drop of processing power out of Sony’s newest console, just as they did with the PS3. I also can’t wait to see how Playstation Now pans out with its EU beta and launch, and hopefully Sony will settle on a sensible pricing structure for its streaming service.

Further interaction with other members of the community is high on a number of the team’s plans for the year, with Aran looking positively into the next year “I’m hoping for a lot more playing time with the TSA community, as well as more interactivity through streaming on the console. There’s definitely things that need sorting, but overall, the future looks bright for the PS4”


I’ll leave the final word to Jim, who said, “Looking forward, things are only going to get better. If nothing else, Uncharted 4 will see to that. From Sony, we can expect to see new and more inventive titles such as The Order 1886 and Bloodborne. Though neither look to be particularly ground-breaking, they are far from being safe bets either. Further down the line we’ll see third party publishers starting to deliver on their pre-launch promises. From multiplayer marvels such as The Division, Deep Down, and PlanetSide 2 to sprawling epics like The Witcher III, we’re finally going to playing the games we could only dream of playing just a few years ago.”



  1. I think it’s taken less time for the PS4 to get going than the previous gen but it’s still only really come into its own in the last couple of months. I don’t think anyone getting one this christmas has missed anything but now is the time to get on board.
    A lot of the missing features like Share Play are starting to appear, and some good titles have been coming out of Plus membership too.
    Although it looked good I never fell in love with Killzone, and there were several months when I was playing PS3 a lot more and the PS4 was gathering dust.

    • I totally agree, now is the time to get on board! There are some killer offers, Argos are doing the console and LBP for 299, but I don’t mind that I missed that by getting the PS4 last month. A good handful of Plus and retail games have kept me busy, most notably Killzone, Need for Speed and Watch Dogs, and although I don’t own any recent releases its good to know there’s more around to want than I can afford. I didn’t lik the most launch ‘meh’ I got from the PS3 and I’m glad I looked in on it here at TSA rather than be part of it because now the PS4 has found its feet and comes across as exciting and worth splashing out on.

    • Agreed, fella.

      Hannypoppie and I will be getting a PS4 for Christmas mainly because we’ve had trouble justifying it before now. Both our PCs are capable of running the newer titles so we’ve not missed out on the likes of Shadow of Mordor, Dragon Age: Inquisition, etc.

      This somewhat diffuses the reasons to pick up a PS4 but thankfully that time is coming. One of the big reasons was LittleBigPlanet 3 (even though the reviews have been a shade off the older titles) as well as the wealth of PS+ titles I’ve been adding to the Download List over the year.

      Now is definitely the time to enjoy the PS4 with a year’s worth of decent-to-great titles to enjoy and one hell of a calendar to look forward to next year.

      Interestingly, I bought the PS1 and PS2 at each respective launch week. Equally, I bought a PS3 when it had it’s first (sensible) price cut. With the PS4, it’s simply had to wait even though Hanny and I will go halves with costs (PS4, extra controller, couple of games, etc).

      Compelling reasons make me want to part with money. Sony has had a slight misstep with regards to resonating with my own desire for the PlayStation but that’s aligning now, thankfully. :-)

  2. The PS4’s first year has been a mix of frustration and disappointment for me. PSN outages, not a single must-have exclusive, countless re-releases from third party devs and just a complete waste of their early momentum going into this gen.
    I appreciate things are a bit slow when consoles first launch but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft releasing some solid exclusives and bringing numerous new features and tweaks to their UI.
    Of course the real hero of this year has been Nintendo, showing both Sony and Microsoft what exclusive games should be like.

    • And Nintendo still selling next to no consoles despite their exclusive s being amongst the best!

      • Yep, very strange how the market works. Bring out something amazing like Bayonetta 2, Mario 3D World, Pikmin3, etc and it pretty much gets ignored. Bring out COD and FIFA on a yearly basis, offering next to no creativity, and it makes millions… :-/

        Still, Nintendo have deep enough pockets to stick to their unique ways and I have huge respect for them for doing so. It certainly won’t be my PS4 or X1 getting used over the Christmas period, my family and I will be too busy with Smash Bros and Mario Kart

      • Kids these days, with their teraflops and microtransactions! They wouldn’t know a good game even if it came flying through town, spanking angels on top of a jetfighter!

    • “I appreciate things are a bit slow when consoles first launch but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft releasing some solid exclusives”

      I always find comments like these interesting when you consider the release schedule. So essentially, what you’re saying is it’s better to release no games for over half the year than release games at a steady pace over the course of the year? To evidence:
      Sony has released solid exclusives (retail) over the course of the year. Now sure they may not all be to your liking (MLB: The Show; TLoU) but they have been getting released. A “solid” exclusive and a “exclusive that meets your tastes” are 2 very different things.
      Microsoft, as far as I’m aware, released nothing of note between Titanfall (11 Mar) and Forza Horizon (23 Oct). Granted for the last month they’ve released a few exclusive games (Halo MCC; Sunset Overdrive) but for over 7 months they had nothing.

      So essentially, the only conclusion I can draw is that gamers who lean towards the Xbox prefer having all their exclusives bunched in the few months immediately pre and post XMas but have no interest in getting any new exclusive releases for over half the year (basically late March to early October are fine to contain no exclusive retail releases). That is a “good” exclusive release schedule and is subject to praise.
      Meanwhile people who lean towards Sony prefer having exclusives phased across the year so they constantly have new games to play on a regular basis instead of a short term blow-out. Granted that might mean less exclusives released over the 5 month immediate pre/post Xmas season but a steady supply of exclusive games over 12 months is preferable to a blow-out over 5 months. That is an approach that is not recognized, or even denied (by those who claim Sony has released no/few solid exclusives this year), by those who tend to lean towards the Xbox.

      The above conclusion is further supported by the final 3-4 years of the 360 vs the PS3 (which is one of the main reasons I’ve not bothered with the XB1 this gen, with the 360 MS showed me that they don’t have the legs to support a console for an entire gen and fall back on pumping out the same franchises in an annual cycle).
      Sure it’s a good sign that they’re supporting new IP’s so far, but I remember that happening at the start of the 360 as well (Kameo, PDZ, Alan Wake, Gears etc), but it wasn’t long until they fell into the same old franchises each year (if they don’t think it’ll sell multi-millions, or if the first game didn’t sell multi-millions, MS lose interest). For me MS first need to show me that they can support a console for an entire year (not just 5 months of the year), never mind an entire generation. Then they need to show me that they actually have more than a passing interest in single player campaigns (Alan Wake was one of my favourite games last gen). Finally they then need to show me they won’t just revert back to their 3 year Forza/Halo/Gears cycle like last gen. But until then I’ll not consider getting one of their consoles again, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I buy a console to last me a generation, and I expect the manufacturer to support if for the entire generation, not just the first 2 to 3 years before it starts a wash/rinse/repeat cycle of games focused more towards online.

      Now before I get inundated with cries of “fanboy” and “bias” I’ll be happy to state that IMO the first year of the PS4 has been pretty shyte.
      Despite a number of exclusives over the course of the year most of them haven’t been to my tastes. The only 3 (of which 2 I thoroughly enjoyed and 1 I thought was ok) that interested me were Killzone, Infamous and TLoU (which I’d already played but hey-ho). Everything else wasn’t to my tastes (even most multiplats). In fact I found myself playing the MGS HD collection and Arkham Origins on my PS3 instead of firing up the PS4. I was also disappointed by the lack of new franchises (the PS3, for comparison, launched with 2), and I’ll remain skeptical until the new franchises that interest me actually release (The Order; Bloodborne etc). Although in comparison those 3 games are still 2 more than what interests me on the XB1 so that’s a PS4 win (don’t like driving games, wont pay to play online, so that pretty much narrows it down to Ryse).
      Personally the network problems don’t impact me as I don’t pay for plus (refuse to pay to play online) but, based on the reports of down-time, I think its absolutely unforgiveable that they still have such persistant network problems. This is something they simply have to resolve now it’s a paid for service as it’s complete unacceptable. So that’s a win to the XB1, Live has had problems, more-so this year than any prior year in my recollection, but it still doesn’t have a quarter of the issues PSN seems to encounter.
      Their main hiccup was with Driveclub, which was a mess. They should have had an open beta to test so that’s a blinding fault on their behalf (but hey, these things happen so I won’t hold it against them). I never played it as not my type of game but even the flagship Halo MCC was released with near crippling online bugs so shit happens sometimes. But it didn’t do them any favours. So that’s pretty much evens (DC was a mess but it wasn’t nearly as high profile a franchise as Halo MCC which was also a mess)
      Regarding all the other gumph (sharing, TV, all that bollocks), I barely get time to game nowadays, never mind waste my time on all that other gubbins. So personally I don’t care what “additional functionality” the PS4 does or doesn’t have and care even less about the “features race” with the XB1 as I use my console to play games, not random crap that doesn’t interest or impact me. Call me old school but I still approach my console with the view of “insert game, play game”. But then again, as noted previously, I no longer play online so it’s quite likely that a number of these features are aimed more towards the online gamer. So it’s pretty even-stevens from that end.

      • Well I won’t cry fanboy. In fact, what I thought initially was essay!

        What your entire comment shows in writing is that everyone’s comment is an opinion, so I can’t figure out what all the presuming is about over Eldaveo’s comment.

        A couple of things that bug me is you say MS had a good run with 360 but then lost it half way through; this is very true. Doesn’t mean they’re going to make the same mistake. Sony turned the PS3 around, you’d expect therefore they’d blast away with PS4, but no it hasn’t happened. In reality, you can’t presume or assume anything. It’s a market that’s changing.

        The other thing was about TLoU. Great game, but not a PS4 original, not by a long shot. I would say MLB’s market is quite limited, at least in comparison to Killzone/Halo or Driveclub/Forza. Even a lot of third party releases get targeted for fall/holiday period, it’s a habit that’s been there for years now.

      • @Scythe C+

  3. The PSN is by far the biggest disappointment for me. PS3 and PS Vita are fine in terms of PS Store & Messaging but in my PS4 when you are in the middle of a game and have to wait for the 97% Sending Message screen for like 5 minutes it destroys any social aspect of the device.

    If you don’t have a mic and go into Party you basically struggle to communicate with others you are trying to play with.

    A close second is indeed this ridiculous position where AA games are being released in a hell of a state.

    I bought Alien Isolation on launch and afte 4 patches, 1 of which had to be pulled, it is now playable. That took 7 weeks after release.

    I would but AC Unity but forget it, Driveclub? The Evil Within? It’s criminal to release a product in that state and I don’t understand why the gaming industry is not more up in arms about it, if it is not ready then don’t release it. Everyone of these titles has crippling issues that are very apparent after 5 minutes play not related to multiplayer code, server saturation or anything else.

    In the case of Alien Isolation it was the developer not even testing it on consumer PS4’s…rather they just tested it on their dev kits and then advised it was our problem.

    So with a borked PSN and some horrendous performance on some AA titles it is indeed the indie titles that save the day.

    • The above post speaks so much truth. PSN is ruining destiny for me with messages taking forever to send/receive. Some random I was helping with his thorn bounty I sent a message saying wait for the 3rd dropship before the strike started, he got it 40 mins later in the tower and didn’t realise he had to wait.
      It started out well but would I recommend getting a ps4 now? Probably not. Underwhelming and frustrating is how I would describe ps4.

  4. A lot has happened over the last year, and most of it has made the PS4 look boring and Sony look very unattractive to me.

    The bad stuff: false promises of a better PSN, pixel games galore, one year later remasters, ported PC/vita games, lack of brand new first party games, betrayal of the Vita, and the hypocrisy of the ‘ForThePlayers’ tag.

    The good stuff: I can’t really think of anything besides the general fact that the PS4 is a solid piece of kit.

    That’s pretty much it really. It could all change again in the next year or so, but who knows. Ironically Microsoft and Nintendo have done a ton of stuff which have bolstered the attractiveness of their consoles.

  5. The best thing in my first PS4 year clearly was… Outlast, which I would’ve missed otherwise, and really enjoyed immensely. Apart from that, I’ve played my PS3 much more than the PS4. But that is going to change soon, especially as the PS4 games seem to drop in price slightly sooner now.

  6. Well we do I start. My highlights for the PS4 were the next gen upgraded graphics for future games and Killzone was my first game. It was stunning. I love the speakers in the DS4 which was fantastic for games such as Resogun (also stunning game) and inFamous Second Son (Spray can) the DS4 was the best thing for me. Other highlights were screenshots and broadcasting by simply just a touch of a button. I also got excited for New Gen games, better PSN and the store…. sadly not as new gen was delayed forcing me to return to PS3 and the PSN itself aswell as the store are still in shambles. I mean when I sent a message to a friend who is across the river and it was taking ages, hell I might just get a pigeon that carries messages which will be faster than PSN itself.
    Oh one more thing….. I really want to see more Vita Games and I want less PSN disruption, granted they are trying to sort it but it’s got to be a time where we are at work/school or sleeping xD
    The share play was a great feature I almost forgot about it but again sadly it doesn’t work on all games! Oh the other downside of the DS4 that I absolutely love, the sticks wear off easily and Developers does not support DS4 features to work with lightning, motion or even sound! That really annoys me much as I can only see Exclusive games only that will support DS4 although heard great things about it with GTA V to which I will be getting it soon!

    • Man that was like more cons than pros :( ah well…..

      • Hah yeah, at least you started out positive! Sounds like you love the controller, I do too, as skeptical as I felt about changing a twenty year old design the new one is actually really lovely. Still looks like it’s wearing scuba gear though :)

      • I still hate the awful sticks. Concave or convex is the way to go, not both. And the battery-life is ridiculous, they actually fitted it with a smaller battery than the DS3!

        Love the textured back, D-pad and buttons though.

      • Kenny, you’re right, I forgot that I added these whic make a huge difference. Worth a try for two quid.

      • That’s not a bad idea, Ron! Not a bad idea at all.

        I’ll give it a shot. Need to browse what options exist first though.

      • There’s a few stick tops you can try dude, I’ve found those the best, the texture is different but the shape and height becomes the closest to the Dualshock 3 that I’ve found :)

  7. All my friends with PS3s constantly ask me if they should get a PS4, and it’s only in the last few weeks that I can actually say “yes” to them. This first year has been pretty pathetic in all honesty. Not enough games, not enough firmware updates and then the shockingly slow/bad PSN. Only real highlight is that it’s been cheap! Roll on 2015.

  8. People knock Knack but it’s one of my favourite memories of the ps4 launch. Sure it was a little frustrating and basic but it was a unique experience and the perfect launch game. Id take that over yet another generic shooter/racing game that’s ‘amazingly innovative’ but actually isn’t.

    • People knock Knack? That’s almost as bad as the people that knock Knack knockers. They’re entitled to their opinions too.

      I just wanted to see if I could type “knock Knack knockers” without typing knickers by mistake. I failed. Twice.

      • Not knocking Knack or knowingly knocking knacks knockers, the nasty nitpicking nit picker numpties, nit picking Knacks ‘nots’ with next to no knowledge of the numerous nights spent knocking knack together. Not nice, necessary nor needed knowing Knack will never knock knacks knockers again now, no?

  9. It’s not been a very impressive first year has it? The first couple months were great, and the last couple months have been good. In between? Not much worth noting, save for Infamous and the cross-gen, multiplatform Destiny.

    And I want to add that there needs to be an integrated way to show off screenshots and videos without going through YouTube and Facebook… Like on the Xbox. Until then, for me the share-button will keep being pressed out of accident, thinking it’s Select.

    This year has been better on Xbone and Wii U. Thankfully, next year is looking better.

  10. 4 the players
    its only been a good ye4r for Sony because the xbone has bombed.
    so far my £400 power brick has been pushed to its limits by the odd next gen title and a bunch of 8bit pixel looking shite indy games,

    “Rant Over”
    back to the Russian standard!

    • I find it funny how you went with “a good ye4r for Sony” instead of “a good year 4 Sony”. :-P

      Still, the Xbox hasn’t boned, I mean bombed. It’s doing quite well, just not as incredibly well as the PS4.

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