Telltale Releases Full Launch Trailer For Game Of Thrones

Telltale has released a full launch trailer for its take on Game Of Thrones, with the footage showing members of House Forrester as well as some of the more major characters. In this series players will take on roles of different members of House Forrester, a clan that hasn’t yet appeared in the show but do make their presence known in the book A Dance With Dragons,  as they try to survive in a world where the North of Westeros is not trusted by the powerful Lannisters and their allies.


Their will be six episodes in total and all the main cast of the TV show have reprised their roles for the game, so it will sound authentic enough. I’m quite interested to see where this story goes about a lesser House, and how they decide to play the game. I have no doubt at least one or two characters will get killed off, after players have formed an emotional bond with them. Telltale like playing with emotions like that.

Telltale’s Game Of Thrones will be releasing tomorrow on PC & Mac, as well as PS4 in North America. Xbox One and 360 owners, as well as European PS4 owners will see the game Wednesday. iOS players will have the option to download Thursday, and next Tuesday all PS3 owners will get the chance to purchase.

Source: Telltale Games



  1. Sold.

    Sign me up. This looks amazing

    • Colour me intrigued as well. Might wait for the reviews and pricing first.

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