The Crew Day One Patch Fixes A Bug That Prevented You From Joining A Crew

Well you have to laugh, it’s about the only reaction possible to the news that The Crew has been released to the general public complete with a bug that stops you from joining a crew.

The patch clocks in at just under 200MB and contains fixes for a whole raft of problems including infinite loading animations, matchmaking issues and crashes. Here is the full contents of the patch.


Stability & performance
Fixed some random crashes on all game modes
Fixed an issue where some crews were disbanded randomly

Matchmaking, connectivity & replication
Fixed matchmaking and sessions problems
Fixed invite system in Private PVP game modes
Improved matchmaking and sessions on server side.

Menus and HUD
Fixed issues related to Leaderboards scoring on Missions and Skills
Updated info on HUD for Gift packs.
Resolved issues on Localization bugs.
Fixes on Statistics computing values.
Fixes on PVP lobby HUD.
Fixed an issue where the “Mute” option was missing from player cards while inside a PvP lobby.
Fixed an issue where an infinite loading animation of the gamer card picture was happening.
Fixed an issue where the title shows the “Display” name instead of “Gamertag” for the active user inside the Leaderboards from the Driver ID menu.

Fixed an issue where leaderboard displayed incoherent scoring on PVP Public FFA events.
Fixed an issue where the collision’ and ‘Traffic’ options were not functional within the lobby.
Fixed an issue preventing the HUD from refreshing when a crew member invites the crew master in a PvP public lobby.
Fixed an issue where the crew gets disbanded after coming out of PVP lobby.
Fixed the option to disable/enable voices during PvP events.

Achievements and Awards
Fixed Achievements unlocking issues
Fixed Awards progression and unlocking issues

Fixed issues related on unlocking the content after purchasing DLC/ULC packs.

Improved AI behavior in some situations.
Fixes on HUD elements during missions.
Fixed an issue preventing some players to join a mission after a quick coop search.
Fixed an issue where some players in coop/solo missions where sent back to the log-in menu with a service error message.

Fixed an issue where players couldn’t join a session or a crew.
Fixed an issue where players could be missing from the crew list for other players in the same crew.
Fixed an issue that was preventing a player from entering a PvP lobby while in a crew of 4.
Fixed an issue preventing the world ghost record to load and instead of the “Online ID” text “UNKNOWN” was displayed for all the skills.
Fixed an issue where the game crashes when failing to connect to proxy.
Fixed an issue where the game goes into infinite loading screen after using “Quit” and after being idle in the game.
Fixed an issue where the PSN ID’s fails to load on leaderboards and was shown as “Loading” and “UNKNOWN” text.
Fixed an issue where the crew was failing to update correctly after the crew master has removed his Ethernet/Signed-out/Shut down the console and logged in again.
Fixed an issue where the loading time after pressing any button in title screen may be up to 2 minutes long.
Fixed an issue where some users were not joining the crew after being invited.
Fixed an issue where after a forced back to login, the gamer-pic in the friend list couldn’t load.

Source: Ubisoft



  1. Bloody hell, that’s a lot of fixes. Unbelievable that they didn’t test “joining a crew” in The Crew.

    I know different areas work on different games, but it does seem like Ubi have rushed to get all their games out before Xmas, with a view to fixing issues retrospectively. Could do them more damage in the long run.

    To be fair Far Cry seems ok for the most part, although there are some odd enemy glitches, the Co-op/MP match makings seemed shite until the recent patch.

    • As a game that’s always online, you need the first patch in order to play at all. In that regard, what the day one patch fixes isn’t really of note to anyone that gets the game on day one. There’s no way to play the game and be unable to join a crew (unless there’s other bugs!)

      • I think that makes it even worse, if the game is 100% unplayable out of the box on launch day then it’s been released as a truly broken game. I can’t think of any games where this has happened before but it must have, can anyone remember?

      • But it was still broke when you paid for it in the shop, that’s the point. What if they had not fixed the bug in the short period of time between it being pressed and being on the shelves? It’s shoddy.

      • It’s good that they’re fixing it, yep, but terrible workmanship that they burned a game into a disc knowing that it was unplayable in that state. To me it demonstrates that someone has a total lack of pride in their work, and that’s probably not the poor coders at the coal face.

      • Regardless of whether it’s an online feature, and you can’t go online without the patch, why is such adundament feature (albeit online) broken out of the box? Do they not test these things? I just find it surprising!

    • Let’s hope they learn their lesson from this year though and don’t screw up Rainbow Six Siege and The Division!

      Nice video BTW of the Far Cry enemy floating in the air that you then flamed and brought down to earth ;)

      • Indeed, The Division is probably my most anticipated title!

        Yeah, it caught me by surprise! Had some other glitches but forgot to record them! :)

  2. I think that Codemasters or Polyphony Digital need to come to the rescue with the prospect of a racer for PS4 (NFS apart) that works is sailing down old Swannie’s shit creek.

  3. It seems like it’s the norm now to release games that aren’t fully tested and fix them after they are released.

  4. Gremlins!
    Damn them!

  5. So there there was a bug that prevented you from doing what the game is all about and it wasn’t fixed till the game was released?……

    • I basically believe this is to render physical discs undesirable in years to came. Retro gaming will not be fun when you can no longer download the patches

  6. UbiPatchSoft…

  7. I look forward to the next Ubisoft driving game where the menus are missing and all the roads are completely empty, and they patch in vehicles and menus some time about a month after release.

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