PS4 Software Update 2.03 Is Available Now

Spontaneous celebrations are erupting across the globe today with the launch update 2.03 for PlayStation 4. We have reports of an impromptu carnival in Sydney, a six mile long conga line weaving its way through the streets of New York and almost continuous fireworks being launched in Dubai, Paris, Berlin and Croydon.

Twitter is awash with celebrities tweeting their approval of the new update which clocks in at just under 218mb.

The eagerly anticipated software update contains those most precious of things, system stability improvements. We can confirm that after many hours of rigorous poking the TSA PlayStation 4 wobbles 2.67% less when placed in the vertical position, so well done Sony.

We expect the world wide celebrations to continue for most of this week and we will update you with any further parties and events, we hear talk that Abba may be reforming for a one off performance at The Game Awards to herald the wonder of 2.03.



  1. Top gaming journalism about the things that matter most. Thanks TC.

  2. Stability improvements?? Lies! I installed it, and the PS4 fell off the shelf and killed a cat.

    On the plus side, it’s had a slight positive effect on the infestation of cats I seem to have lately. No idea how they’re getting in.

    • Hmm, have you considered that the cat itself could have been incredibly unstable, therfore in it’s current form you could say it has reached 100% stability!
      More tests may be required but I think we’re onto something here ;)

      • I’m with Erwin Schrodinger on the subject of cats. Put them in a box, and then you don’t know what the little balls of fur and claws are up to.

        The great thing there is nobody can accuse you of being cruel to the cat as long as you don’t open the box. If someone else opens it, then it’s their fault. And in the unlikely event that the cat survives, it’s their face about to meet the pointy bits of an angry cat.

    • Put the cat in a box and no one will know if its alive or dead…. worked for a guy called schrodinger.

    • Clearly I am tired and didn’t read your second comment before commenting.

  3. Celebrity tweets are awesome! Hahaha. :-)

    • I wouldn’t of even seen them without this reply. There just as funny as the article.

      Very funny article about something really not so interesting. Well done Tuffcub.

    • Anazing

  4. My PS4 is standing vertically, and now it’s so perfectly angled it’s become a fishermans Mecca.

  5. I just saw a toddler ride past on a bike with 2 PS4’s either side of the rear wheel.

    • Hanny and I will be buying a PS4 just to make the relationship more stable.

      • That’s nothing… I just heard that the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano is getting a PS4 same day’d to The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

      • I parked my horse in mine.

      • We have a winner :)

  6. Does anyone know if it fixes the shoddy messaging on PS4???

    • Bloody needs to – It’s a bit of a joke atm.

      The PS3 can of course do a few things that the PS4 can’t, but this really shouldn’t be one of those things.

  7. Can’t wait to get home to install it!

  8. haha awesome.

    And I definitely didn’t go check Rihanna’s twitter profile.

  9. Messaging now gets to 98% before hanging for 5 minutes instead of the customary 97%…kudos to Sony for the improvement!!!

    • Never had this problem. Mine just goes to 99% for about 2 seconds then done. hmm

      • Unfortunately, you seem to be the exception to the rule – Everyone I know (or speak to about it at least) confirms the 97% issue.

        It’s pretty widespread.

      • Mine hangs at 97 percent too. It actually seems to be far faster when sending a screenshot with it.


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