You Can Now Download A Sky Go App On PS4

A Sky Go app has been released on PS4 under the name ‘TV From Sky,’ and it is availiable to download directly from the console under the TV & Video section on the main dashboard. If you’re away from the console then you can go to the web store and line up the download there. Here’s a handy link to the the page. Obviously you need a Sky account or access to one to benefit from the app, which allows subscribers to access live TV, as well as on demand and boxsets.

If you don’t have a Sky subscription then you can still access some of the channels and boxsets through Now TV, which has different options like the entertainment and movie packages, priced between £6.99 and £9.99 a month on a rolling contract so you can cancel at any time.

Source: Sony Store via Videogamer


  1. Finally!!!!1!

  2. Maybe I’m being dumb, but could we just not watch it on the Sky box on the other HDMI channel? I guess this opens up Remote Play but what are the other benefits? I’m not bitching, I’m actually asking…

    • I have my ps4 upstairs in a different room to the sky box, also if you have mates with sky you can get their sky go password ;)

    • If you dont have multiroom and your PS4 is in the other room?

  3. A Sky Go password isn’t enough for this, you need to upgrade to Sky Go Extra which is an extra £5 per month. It’s a bit of a joke if I’m honest, I’m out because of that. Why should you have to pay an extra £5 per month?

    • I got Sky Go Extra for free, I think it was because I already had multiroom (but not sure).

      • sky go extra is free with multiscreen/room customers.

        This is nothing new in terms of needing skygo extra, its been that way for ages on xbox.
        Point is Multiscreen costs £11.25 per box.
        Sky Go Extra means you can have 4 devices use you sky. My parents and uncle use my sky go account for sports… its actually one of the more reasonable priced services sky do lol.

  4. Can you just watch Sky programmes or can you download them to hard drive?

    • Can only download programmes if you have sky go extra and then it’s only on mobile devices

      • If you could download and store programmes through the app I would have got some use out of it but if it’s just for viewing I doubt I’ll use it.

  5. As I only have Sky Go Monthly Ticket and would have to switch out another device, I wonder if it’s better than xbox 360 version

  6. Hmm, as a Sky customer with no Extra or Multiroom subscription this seems a wee bit pointless. Maybe the app will come to the Vita so I can keep up with Homeland on my night shifts? Bloody hell, Saul on the run, that was some good drama right there!

  7. Will this app work via Playstation TV?

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