RIP Ralph Baer

Ralph Baer, a true inventor and pioneer, has died. Baer was responsible for developing the first video game console, essentially shaping games as we know them and helping create the medium that we all share enjoyment of. He became known as “the father of video games”.

He explored the possibility of playing video games on a TV screen, going on to develop the Brown Box – a prototype for what would be sold as the Magnavox Odyssey, the first commercial home console. This was essentially laying the foundations of an entertainment medium which is extremely strong and popular today – the reason I’m here writing this article, and the reason you’re on this very site.


Further achievements include inventing the Light Gun – surely shaping the way for the extremely popular Wii remote – as well as the memory game Simon.

Baer passed away at his home on December 6th according to sources close to his family. TSA extends our condolences to his family and friends, and thank Ralph Baer for creating a wonderful thing which we can enjoy every day with ease thanks to our consoles.



  1. Its crazy to think this one guy started it all, what an absolute legend. Its sad thats he passed on and also sad that i’d never heard of him before, i guess i should know my history a bit better. RIP

  2. The Light Gun? As in the NES gun that worked by magic?

    We have much to thank Baer for, even though most of us probably never even heard of him until his passing. An inspirational soul, may he rest in piece and condolences to his close ones.

  3. Ninety two years old. Whilst I appreciate everyone wants to live to see another day, what a wonderful age to live to and see so much change and evolution in the industry you helped create.

    I hope his passing was peaceful and that his family are coping okay.

  4. I bet stuff like PS4 must have blown his mind. Imagine starting things off the way he did and seeing such crazy development within his own lifetime. He must have died with immense pride in what he’d made possible.

    • I don’t want to type this. I mean… I do but I don’t. Ugh!

      ARGH! Okay, I was going to reply with “he probably saw the new Lara Croft and his heart packed in” but I know it’s inappropriate humour but my fingers keep typing. Shit!

      Meh. *hits Post button*. :-)

  5. Thanks for your legacy Ralph!

  6. Visionary!

  7. To quote another departed legend, “so long, and thanks for all the fish”. Except for “fish”, read “advances in video game technology”

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