Uncharted 4’s Nathan Drake Looks Vastly Different To Previous Iteration

On Saturday Naughty Dog showed the first gameplay of Uncharted 4, and it looked incredible both visually and through the changes the game actually plays. It’s a very good demo and if you haven’t seen it yet then I implore that you do so post haste. If you’ve done that then you may have noticed that Nathan Drake looks quite different from his PS3 days, and your eyes don’t deceive you. In fact a picture as been released to show the difference between the two character models, which you can play spot the difference with below.



One of the first things you may notice is that Drake’s face has got smaller, and his eye colour has changed from bluey grey to brown. His eyes are smaller too, and Drake also seems to have had a bit of a shave. The hair looks like it’s thinning a bit too, though you can’t really see that in the gameplay. Uncharted 4 Drake just looks older and more haggard too, which isn’t surprising considering the things he has got up to.

Source: Videogamer



  1. Like a soap who gets a different actor in to play one of the established roles

  2. Be interesting to see how long after Uncharted 3 4 is set. Cannot wait for this though I think it will be sad as it is probs the last one ND will do :/

  3. You got older and more haggard from that?

    Apart from it looking nothing like the Drake we know, I’d say a bit fresher faced perhaps indicating an earlier point in time

  4. He just looks less video gamey and more realistic to me.

  5. I think he’s less handsome now.

  6. That actually doesn’t look that much like his face in the trailer and Gameplay we’ve seen, interestingly. At least in my mind. Must be the lighting.

    I don’t like the change of eye-colour at all, but otherwise it’s all good. In the initial trailer I thought I spotted a bit of Nolan North shining through, but ND doesn’t use facial capture do they? I suppose they still use his face as a standpoint animation-wise, like Andy Serkis and Gollum.

    • You’re not alone. That image on the left looks nothing like the Drake in the new gameplay trailer. The one in the trailer looks like an older version of the Uncharted 3 Drake, as it should. That one up there on the left looks, if anything, like a younger version of his brother.

    • I thought that too. Here’s a screen capture from the very start of the trailer. Still looks like Drake to me.


  7. Changing the eye colour isn’t great. Makes me feel like it’s a different character. They should change it back. Other than that, he looks even more like Nolan North now, which I don’t mind.

    • I just saw the YouTube video of the presentation from ND about new Drake, and his eyes are still grey. Thank god.

  8. Looks pretty similar to me apart from his head looks a little more squashed & the eyes are obviously more detailed. I think it is the actual eye colour what makes all the difference.
    Admittedly though, he does now look like a morph between my mate Curt & Joey from Friends.

  9. It’s like using more make-up in theatre. The old version was genuinely “non-human” in a way. Oversized features to see easily. Look how his nose has been reduced in the new one. Also, the eye size and eye sockets, etc. Basically, he’s now more real and less of a caricature. Moving forward, this is a good thing as visual fidelity has been increased (better AA, higher resolution, etc) which is coupled with a world they’re building that is very realistic looking. It’s not like they’re applying a strong art-style to it like Borderlands, etc.

    This is Nate looking less cartoony. We’ll all get used to it pretty quickly. :-)

    • High five on the intelligent use of the word fidelity! I was struggling to make an example, so I didnt, but I suppose we could say the currently very real looking Lara Croft is facially totally not the same as the PS1 original purely because she’s been made to look so real.

      • Couldn’t agree more. As it happens, the new-gen remake takes it a stage further.

        As a genuinely mature comment – I know! Coming from me! – the recent version of Lara Croft is a very good looking digital representation of a woman. She’s very, very pretty and I can see how things like this are going to grow (ahem) as time goes by. I’ve often had the odd friend here and there say “oh, such and such character from {insert animation or game here}” is hot or fancy-able but never truly understood. I think it’s my brain separating a created character as oppose to a real person. That is now starting to blur. Definitely.

      • You’re not wrong, the lines are blurrier all the time. I agree the new Lara is extremely attractive, more so than the silly proportioned older version, I think that now her proportions are now in the uncommonly idealistic to only slightly unnatural range she’ll appeal to older blokes rather than just the horny teenaged crowd. And before and ladies (pretty sure there aren’t any on TSA at the moment?) complain that I’m objectifying women, hold your horses, I am, but I’m also totally happy for man-fanciers to leer and dribble over big buff Nathan Drake. That’s totally fine with me, because I’m not super fit but I am happy with my figure :)

  10. I suppose this shift in look is partly a product of higher fidelity and probably partly to bridge the old rendered look and whoever is playing the Drake in the film. The thinning hair is odd as it makes his head look thinner at the top and a bit less endearing, but the age thing makes sense, and the slightly more thuggish jaw line isn’t as friendly, so I’m not sure I like the new picture above, but a lot of the character comes from the expressions and voice acting so it’ll be interesting to see if that’s as good as before. It certainly seemed that way in the footage we’ve seen so far :)

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