WeView Verdict: Velocity 2X

It’s safe to say that Velocity 2X really didn’t disappoint. The addictive and frantic gameplay only improved in the sequel. However, it wasn’t without a few issues, as some found the inconsistent controls to be quite frustrating.

We will kick off with those that didn’t like Velocty 2X. It “didn’t sit well with me” said JustTaylorNow, explaining having played the original they “just felt that Futurlab could have moved on & tried something completely new”. Despite that they said it’s “a good game regardless”.

MrYD was another that wasn’t overwhelmed with the game. This was mostly because “they added those other platforming sections, which aren’t much fun… and did something weirdly inconsistent with the controls”. I too found it a little strange having separate control scheme for the Quarp Jet and on foot. They also found it “far too easy, unless you want to do everything perfectly”.

Psychobudgie felt “as a PS4 game it’s not a great game for on the go… unless your PS4 is on your back and your 40″ LCD is strapped to your head”. They explained that at its heart Velocity 2X is “a portable game and if you intend to buy it for one of the two systems, buy it for the Vita as on the PS4 it’s rather underwhelming”.

“After the first hour or two of playing I admit that I could not see what the fuss was about, and I could not get my head around how the controls changed when you are on foot” explained Dirtiestturnip. However, after decided to stick at Velocity them found themselves addicted – “the thing that keeps you playing is the need to get a perfect medal on the levels”. They’ve now gone and bought all DLC for the game too. So if you’re not a fan of Velocity at first there’s also a chance you will slowly become addicted to it.

Dave87fez found Velocity 2X to be “life-ruiningly addictive”, going on to say “both Velocity games are amongst the toughest and most satisfying platinum trophies “they’ve earned. They couldn’t believe their luck getting both games for free via PS Plus as they “definitely would have parted with the full asking price for the second”.

“Fun fun fun, lots of fun” was how Ron_mcphatty summed up Velocity 2X, with BrendanCalls telling us “don’t think… just buy it”. Cam_manutd said “it’s a game about speed and it’s played at a breakneck speed” and as an “already a frenetic game gets even more frenetic with its sequel”.

We finish with TSBonyman who summed up Velocity 2X quite comically.

It feels like something you played on the Amiga but it also feels new. Buy it.

Now it’s down to the votes. Buy It came in first with a landslide victory of 11 votes, with Sale It managing to pick up a single vote. Velocity 2X is a must get if you haven’t already received it free with PlayStation Plus. Try not to get too addicted to the game, however!

So that’s the last WeView of the year. We will be back after the Christmas period taking a look Destiny, see you guys then.



  1. Well deserved!
    Anyone managed to plat the game yet? I’m really close but there’s about three stages that are super nails to get perfect on so not quite there yet.

    • I have mate. I’ve saved videos of my perfect runs for pretty much every level after 37 as the difficulty really started to ramp up at that point.

      • Nice work! I’m just one mission away now. So close..

  2. Thanks for the mention! Fun fun fun! I’m disappointed that the next WeView is a big wait away (you’ve probably already told us that it would be but I’m terrible at reading things thoroughly) but I am looking forward to some well informed rants au sujet de Destiny to firmly eclipse and outwit my crappy forum winge about lack of plot.

    • Destiny will be an interesting one I would think as it seems to have split many people in two (oo-er!) – For example, I can see that the story is not a shade on what it was supposed to be (& allegedly once was) & there are lots of other frustrations, yet it draws me back in time & time again & I always have a good time with it.

      There are fanboys & hateboys (I think I made that last term up) alike, so it should be interesting. Of course, the only issue may be that the haters tend to be a lot more vocal than those who like/love it. Along the lines of poor customer service actually – News of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience.

  3. Velocity and 2X are two of the best games I’ve played on PlayStation and the fact they’re right at home on Vita makes it even better :)

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