Killzone Shadow Fall Receives The Valor Patch In Latest Update

Killzone Shadow Fall has received a new update in the form of the Valor patch, which brings a new element to the game’s multiplayer. Valor itself isn’t new as it played quite an integral part of Killzone Mercenary, but this is the first time the currency has made its way to the big screen. In effect the new patch turns the score you have into Valor currency which lets you buy either a customisation or gameplay mystery box.


Customisation boxes cost 150,000 valor and allow you to unlock various items, some of which were originally paid for items. In total you can get the following from this option.

  • 29 spotlight moves
  • 24 automata skins
  • 15 voice packs
  • 7 crosshairs
  • 6 player card icon packs
  • 2 player skins

Gameplay boxes cost 30,000 valor and allow you a boost, though it is only usable for one round. You can only have one boost activated at a time, so if you buy a new one while the previous is still active then that will get replaced. The boosts to unlock include:

  • 8 Regular Boosts: Reduced Falling Damage, Faster Destruction, Faster Capture Areas, Faster Disarm Explosives, Reduced Explosive Damage, Faster Movement, Extra Throwables, and Faster Health Regeneration.
  • 2 Valor Boosts: Double Valor multiplier and Triple Valor multiplier.
  • 6 Abilities and Weapons: Tactical Echo Emitter, Epulse Emitter, Guard Drone, M82 Assault Rifle, LS12 SMG, and StA 14 Rifle.




  1. Sounds like a great idea, really good additions. Shame they didn’t implement this a while back when I was still playing…

  2. Gonna revisit THRILLZONE!

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