Watch Us Play Destiny’s New Raid: Part Two

Thanks to those that tuned in and watched us battle the Hive – hey there, C_Stewie and Pixel! – we bust through that section which we’d got stuck on before, and I reckon we’ve almost figured out the way to get past some rather pesky singing Wizards.

We’ll likely stream our future attempts as well over the rest of the weekend, so keep your eyes peeled if you’ve even a passing interest. You can catch tonight’s stream (with voices, as promised!) below.

Having beaten the maze but then finding ourselves butting our heads up against the second section of the Crota’s End raid for a good hour, we called it a night for streaming on Wednesday, but carried on after to give that section a few more attempts and actually managed to figure out what we needed to be doing!


So we’re going back in and we’re going to kick its butt, is the general plan, as the same team – Myself, JamboGT, Geofduke, Wick15, Commisar_Dave and Baconsarnie – dive into the darkness. Oh, and we’ll triple check that we have our party chat broadcasting this time, so you can hear us bickering about anything and everything. Join us at 8:30PM tonight or we’ll have the stream archived, so you can view us dying repeatedly at your leisure.