Watch Us Play Destiny’s New Raid

Thanks to those that tuned in, said hello and even endured some of the finest bickering and talking across purposes! We got through the darkness after around an hour, before butting our heads against another particularly challenging section on the other side. If people liked watching, say so in the comments below and we’ll try and stream some more of our first attempt at the raid.

If you’d like to take a sneak peak at some of Crota’s End, we have our stream archived below. It’s not one for those afraid of the dark!

Update: So it turns out that our voices weren’t being broadcast, which I was sure we double checked were working while we were in the tower. Alas, this means you lose out on us figuring out how to get through the maze of darkness and how we argued and bickered about what we were meant to be doing during the second section of the raid. If we stream this some more, we’ll make sure you get to hear all of our voices talking over each other.


The Vault of Glass was quite easily Destiny at its very best, when it first launched back in September, offering a variety and challenge not seen elsewhere in the game. Now it’s been mastered, its secrets revealed, its loot plundered, and the community want a new challenge. This comes in the first expansion pack, The Dark Below, as a new six man raid called Crota’s End sees a plucky band of Guardians decend into the darkness to stop one of humanity’s greatest foes.

But, if you don’t have the expansion or don’t even have the game, you won’t get to see this first hand. We’re offering you the next best thing, we hope, as I’ll be heading into the raid tonight with a handful of TSA community members to put an end to Crota’s plans. Joining me will be JamboGT, Geofduke, Wick15, Commisar_Dave and Baconsarnie.

Having rushed ourselves home from whatever it is the preoccupies us during the day – getting six people online at the same time can be a little tricky – we’ll be streaming at 8:30PM tonight and probably keep going and going for a good few hours. You can watch below or head over to Twitch itself. Incidentally, we’re going into this blind, so to speak, so wish us luck!


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  1. Tsk – You level 30’s & your ability to get into new raids & nightfalls. Always rubbing it in us level 29’s faces!

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