Check Out The Full Until Dawn PlayStation Experience Video

Supermassive have released a full play through of the Until Dawn demo that was recently shown at the PlayStation Experience event.

Sam, played by Hayden Panettiere, is relaxing in the bath when she’s interrupted by an intruder. She must then escape and avoid the scary clown who wants to chop her into itty bitty pieces.

“This play-through represents only one of the many different paths possible,” say Supermassive. “Each split-second decision you make as you play could put you on a new path. Any single decision may not be fatal, but your actions could have deadly consequences for your character later in the story.”

Source: YouTube



  1. Although there was some fine digital boobage going on the way she walks is a bit wooden.

    • Yeah, that normally happens but she’ll be fine in a couple of days, well in time for release day.
      I’ll go easier on her next time ;)

      • keep it clean Dave this is a family website!lol =)

  2. Using the like of the controller for the Don’t move bit is pretty cool

    • That was my exact thought. I think I’d piss my pants with the controller in my hand :))

  3. These movie games really bore the heck out of me. I saw the player had to press X at 2:25 and then a few button choices from around 4:40 onwards. I’d rather just stick a DVD/bluray in and watch that.

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