Review Of The Year 2014: February

February is the shortest month, but one that often starts to hint at a brighter year ahead. We’ve had that first dreaded credit card statement of the year, our Christmas excess isn’t hanging quite so guiltily over our heads, our gym memberships are finally starting to feel like they’re paying off and we’re able to stop punishing our bodies with exercise and get back to our usual lifestyle of treating biscuits as one of the main food groups. Just me? Oh.

February’s weather was characterised by flooding and heavy winter storms. Half of Somerset ended up under water, although it was a week or two before anyone noticed. The news basically went into 24 hour-a-day rolling meltdown because bits of the posh towns around the Thames and even the outskirts of London itself had flooded, while main railway lines washed away in the countryside.


One of my personal highlights at this time of year is the anorak-wearing outside reporter having their expensive haircut made mockery of by mother nature. “Please only make essential journeys,” they tell us, from a small hill amid a newly formed lake and the end of a single-lane country road that they drove their big satellite news van forty miles to get to. Then they wash away, never to be heard from again.

It got a bit brighter later in the month but it was still quite rainy and fairly cold. That sentence applies to every February in the UK ever so feel free to cut it out and keep it for next year.

In the news, Russia had one of its first school shootings and a gunman opening fire inside a cathedral while violence in Iraq and Syria continued amid the rise of IS and a wider sense of instability in the region. The US government recognised the legality of same-sex marriages in all matters and the Ukraine had an uprising that started off with protests and ended up with injuries and deaths. In the UK, almost everyone you remember being on TV in the 1970s turned out to be a paedophile. Sorry about that.

Entertainment news peaked with the Oscars and that bloody “selfie”, but my personal highlight from the world of showbiz was when Shia LeBoa… Shia Lebeouf… Damn. Shia Leboeuf (yay!) had to walk around with a paper bag on his head after being accused of plagiarism in his film, Nymphomaniac.

Even though this month saw the opening of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the biggest single sporting event was undoubtedly the NFL Superbowl where the Seattle Seahawks stuffed the Denver Broncos by 43-8. The game was watched by over 111 million people in the US, making it the world’s most watched television program in history.

Game releases were still quite thin on the ground in February, with only Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare standing out from the pack. We did get Thief too, but the less said about that, the better.

Video game news, however, was starting to heat up as the most long-sighted publishers and developers set their gaze upon E3 and what they might show us when they get there. A new Doom game was confirmed, with Wolfenstein pre-orders getting early beta access, The Witness was shown a little more, with Jonathan Blow talking us through it a little bit, we got new footage and details for The Order: 1886 and the dramas surround resolution rumbled on as Konami released their own comparison video showing Metal Gear Solid V on all four platforms.

Sony Santa Monica sadly suffered layoffs while the PlayStation 4 reported exceptionally strong sales in its first quarter at retail. South Park: Stick of Truth had certain bum-related scenes censored in the EU version and we first heard semi-official talk of a possible sequel to The Last of Us.

And that was February 2014. Stay tuned for more entries in this review of the year, which will almost certainly get more exciting!



  1. I thought Outlast came out on the PS4 in February as well? Interesting idea, but it didn’t really do it for me.

  2. With biscuits it’s important to have your five a day. They’re not just for February!

    My wife says I’ve got that wrong but broccoli doesn’t taste as nice as biscuits so clearly I must be right.

  3. Whats this plagiarism that Shia leboeuf was accused of? Too lazy to google! On a side note the lars van trior nymphomaniac is quite the film!

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