Review Of The Year 2014: September

September started with a trophy list for Beyond: Two Souls on PlayStation 4, Sony have remained tight lipped on the game but it may finally be revealed next month. Also M.I.A. this year was The Elder Scrolls Online for consoles, the developers suffered a round of lay-offs in September which must have put back the console versions.

Britain was gripped by the Scottish independence vote and our resident Scot and editor gave us his thoughts on how the potential break up might alter the games industry. Russia and the Ukraine agreed to a “permanent ceasefire” but fighting continued, Pakistan and India were hit by devastating floods, five hundred people drowned off the coast of Malta after people traffickers deliberately sank their ship, and Sierra Leone declared a four day nationwide lockdown to attempt to stop the spread of Ebola. What a cheerful month.



Prolific PlayStation developers Naughty Dog celebrated their 30th birthday and Notch sold Mojang and Minecraft to Microsoft for an utterly ridiculous $2.5 billion, if he was feeling generous he could have helped out Sony who posted losses of $1.3 billion.

The month also saw the Tokyo Game Show and on home soil, EGX, which had the TSA staff running about Earl’s Court and wondering exactly why Assassin’s Creed Unity was not on show. I think we know the answer to that now. We also broke new ground with the first ever TSA Live show, broadcast using The Playroom.

“In a series that is synonymous with incremental improvements, FIFA 15 manages to feel like more of an evolutionary leap,” said Peter in his review of the first big game of the month which scored 9/10.  We also saw the launch of the best 7 out of 10 game ever, Destiny, a title that at the time of writing has generated over 425 separate news and feature items on TSA.

The game was one of the first that pushed an persistent integrated online element which caused problems for reviewers, as have later titles such as The Crew. Is it possible to review such a vast game as Destiny in just a few days when the full scope of the game only becomes apparent weeks, maybe even months, later? Note: we reviewed the game weeks later.


The final big release of the month was another 7/10 game, Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Superheroes. “Overall, 2.0 may not have the impact of the original but it’s still one of the best “toys to life” gaming experiences on the market,” said our review machine, Jim. Although there were few releases for the larger consoles the PS Vita had a good month with Velocity X2, Don’t Starve, Joe Danger, Counterspy, Disgea 4, Gravity Crash Ultra, Ho Hokum, The Swapper, Metrico, Natural Doctrine and many more other titles landing on the handheld.

Microsoft continued their run of calamitous PR events by cancelling the launch of Xbox One in China just hours before the console was to go on sale, finally releasing the console six days later. 100,000 units were sold in the first week but since then sales have reduced to a mere trickle, partly because the console is far too expensive.

Aran concluded his expansive Matter of Perspective feature whilst News Snatch had a guest editor in the diminutive shape of Blair as I was on my annual jaunt to a tropical paradise. “Blair’s Snatch. Not as creepy as Tuffcub’s and yet, more creepy than ever before,” commented Bunimomike.

September was dominated by high pressure, bringing plenty of fine and settled early-autumn weather, with only a few short interruptions. This meant that rainfall was limited in most regions, and temperatures were generally above average, though with no exceptional warmth on any particular days and despite the good weather people stayed inside and played Destiny. A lot.



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  2. Ah, an article about September wouldn’t be complete without Mel Gibson. Bless him, he does know how to make fictional history exciting.

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