Elder Scrolls Online Team Hit By Layoffs, But Zenimax Downplays Impact

Zenimax Online Studios, the team behind The Elder Scrolls Online, was hit by a round of layoffs yesterday morning, but Zenimax have downplayed any impact that this might have on continued development and support for the game on PC or the work being done for the upcoming console releases.

Speaking to Joystiq, Bethesda VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hines said, “As is the norm for games of this type, we had ramped up a large workforce to develop a game of vast scale, and ramped up our customer service to handle the expected questions and community needs of The Elder Scrolls Online at launch. Now that we are nearly 6 months post launch, we have a thriving online community in a game that runs smoothly.”


It’s a line which does make an element of sense, as the game shifts from intense active development and post-launch support to one centred around steadier maintenance and the creation of additional content, but it doesn’t quite ring true when you take into account the upcoming console release. This was pushed back by around six months, but reports on the progress of these versions of the game has been suspiciously absent and my best guess is that we won’t be seeing it arrive in 2014.

Having said that, we don’t know the departments from which staff have been let go, and Hines continued to say, “We remain strongly committed to The Elder Scrolls Online, and continue to invest heavily to develop new content for PC players, prepare the game for its console launch, and handle our planned expansion into important international territories. As for customer service, we continue to operate large support centers in Hunt Valley, MD and Galway, Ireland.”

Whatever happens with TESO in the future, we’d like to wish all those affected by this move the best of luck in finding new employment within the industry.

Source: Joystiq



  1. Just give us Fallout 4.

  2. Perhaps charging full price for the game, followed by monthly subscriptions hasn’t quite turned into the cash cow they wanted?

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