Free Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Brings Wildlife, New Paths

Inquisitors rejoice, BioWare has released its first free content drop for Dragon Age’s all-new online multiplayer. The “Destruction” update is available now on all platforms bringing a few minor changes to the game’s offbeat co-op offering.

First off, existing maps have been expanded thanks to a series of new paths, allowing adventurers to scout out even more areas for loot and gold. More interesting, however, is the update’s introduction of wildlife to Inquisition’s multiplayer. Much like in the campaign, zones have been populated by wolves and other beasts that will attack friend and foe alike, adding another dynamic layer to each combat encounter.


BioWare has also released a cluster of premium DLC, previously exclusive to the game’s deluxe edition. For $9.99 players can bag themselves the Skyhold Throne, two new mounts, bonus weapons, multiplayer unlocks, and a digital soundtrack.

Source: Game Informer



  1. Have they fixed the multiplayer part of the game yet though? So you can play more than 1 game without having to close the game and relaunch it?

    I gave it a go, and it’s lots of fun, but every single time, you play one game, and then it just refuses to do anything other than give you a connection error. So I got bored of that quite quickly.

    Ok, there was the fact that the main game is so massive. 40 hours in and I was still finding whole new regions to explore. And finally died of dragons. On an island I discovered in a region I’d first visited 20 hours before.

  2. I want this game almost exclusively for the multi player. Mass effect 3 was marvellous, I can imagine this is similarly so.

  3. It’s only just becoming clear how enormous the game is – at 20 hours or so into the campaign it doesn’t feel like I’ve scratched the surface, and I haven’t even tried the multiplayer yet!

    • I’m hoping you’ve already got to the bit which is “oh, wow… okay!”. Everyone gets to that and starts to truly realise the scale of this game. :-)

    • First playththrough clocked in at just over 90 hours and still didn’t see everything!

      Second play through weighs in at 25 hours so far. Love it.

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