Details For The Xbox One Exclusive Open Beta Of Evolve Announced

Turtle Rock has announced details for the Xbox One exclusive beta of Evolve, with the action set to start on January 15th and lasting until the 19th. Xbox One owners will have access to the game’s ‘Hunt’ mode which will allow players to unlock new hunters and monsters. The bonus is that once unlocked these will carry over to the full game if it is purchased.  That’s not all as from the 17th the Evacuation game mode will go live, and players will be able to experience every map and smaller mode within this campaign.

That’s not all as Turtle Rock also confirmed that Evolve will have an offline mode, and everything will be available to play with other characters controlled by AI instead of other players. This also means you’ll be able to switch between the different hunter roles as well as control the monsters too. Earlier today the Wraith, a new monster, was officially revealed and you can read Stefan’s preview of the beast of how it plays within the game.

Source: PR