Transformers Universe Axed Before Full Launch

Transformers Universe, the online arena brawler from Jagex Studios, is to shut down just months after going into open beta. The UK-based RuneScape developer will close all servers on January 31st and is in the process of refunding those who purchased founder packs and other premium content.

Announced back in 2011, Transformers Universe had only recently gone into open beta as of July 4th. The closure came as a joint decision by Jagex and Hasbro though neither has cited a definitive reason for cancelling the project.

Game accounts will remain active 60 days after the shutdown in order for staff to deal with customer queries. After that time, all accounts will deleted along with TU’s official forums.

Source: Transformers Universe Blog


  1. It’s a shame the game didn’t…roll out..

  2. I got into the beta for this before it went open and it was obvious then that it was going to be crap.

    I uninstalled it and as my main point of feedback I said “stop development”. They listened!

    Merry Xmas!

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