Wave 2 Amiibos Sell Out On Launch Day

Today Nintendo launched its second wave of NFC-enabled Amiibo figures in the UK. Looking around the web tonight, however, you’d be hard-pressed to find some of these figures in stock. The only places that do still have them are private sellers on eBay or those online retailers cheeky enough to hike up the asking price.



Wave two features six new figures including Little Mac, Zelda, Luigi, Captain Falcon, Diddy Kong, and Pit. However, much like the first wave, it appears as though Nintendo is only shipping a limited number of stock for certain characters. Though Zelda, Luigi, and Diddy Kong can be purchased just about anywhere, Falcon, Mac, and Pit figures are starting to dry up.

Big retailers, including GAME, ShopTo, Toys R Us, Argos, and even Amazon, have all sold out. Sure, you can always set up a stock alert but you may be wasting your time.

Shortly after wave one, Nintendo confirmed that it would discontinue some characters after launch. Inevitably, this sparked a bout of panic buying and now figures for The Villager and Wii Fit Trainer are sold out just about everywhere. Unless you want to pay almost double the original price. Doing a quick scour of the web, there are some outlets that still have stock, including GameSeek.

Our advice: if you’re desperate to expand your Amiibo collection, make sure you pre-order. Nintendo isn’t likely to come forward and outline which ones they’ve discontinued from region to region, so it’s best to buy in advance.

Waves 3 & 4 are due for release in January and February, including characters such as King Dedede, Shulk, Bowser, Sonic, and Mega Man.



  1. I’ve just Googled them but unsure what they actually do?! Other than unlocking outfits for a couple of games

    • Aren’t they like the skylanders/Disney universe things? I.e. you pop them on the special plate thing (or whatever) & they appear in game?

    • Similar though not identical to Disney Infinity/Skylanders figures.

      Scan them while playing selected games to unlock bonuses. Some figures will unlock costumes in Mario Kart 8. All current figures can carry data for Smash Bros. and, when scanned in, become a train-able CPU player.

    • they’re mainly for Smash Brothers. they keep your character’s profile which has stats and customisation. You can use it to transfer the profile onto another Wii U or use it to “summon” the character into your own game instead of manually selecting the character and profile assigned to it.
      So yeah, basically what Forrest_01 said. They’re supposed to be like Skylanders.

  2. Haven’t owned a Nintendo for a long time now, but have to admit that I have no fecking clue who the last 3 are.

    Perhaps that’s why there has been less stock produced?

    • I may be wrong but i think Little Mac is the guy from Mike Tyson’s Super Punch Out from back on the NES,i also think Captain Falcon is F-Zero but unsure with the angel chap.

      • Yes, that seems to be the trend. Lesser known character are the ones who seem to be getting dropped. Those and the slightly more obscure (Villager, WFT, Marth etc.)

  3. I got caught in the hype and managed to obtain Villager, Marth and Wii Fit Trainer… I didn’t even want them! I was just planning on getting Toon Link.

    They’ve got ugly clear plastic holding their feet, and Villager has had an unfortunate nose-job. The final products just aren’t half as nice as the promo-shots.

    They might make for good Christmas-tree decorations though, if you can get them off the stand.

  4. 2 factors,
    1, it’s Christmas.
    2, Low amounts of stock.

    Here in Australia they sold out straight away too.
    Even the wave 1 Amiibo sold out pretty fast. I’ve checked a few stores in person and I only ever see Mario & Pikachu left over, sometimes no Marios aswell.
    I heard that Nintendo aren’t actually making alot of these things. EB Games only got 4 of each Amiibo for the 2nd wave. People who were 5th in line on release day didn’t get to get them, let alone the dozens of people coming in the following days.

  5. Well I just reserved Luigi at my local Argos for collection tomorrow for my son, so I guess they’re not sold out *yet*.

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