Dark Souls Remastered To Get A Network Test And Amiibo For Nintendo Switch

Well this sort of came out of nowhere and I’m particularly happy about it. Dark Souls Remastered will be getting a Network Test which players on the Switch will be able to try out for free shortly before the launch of the game. Dark Souls Remastered was initially announced towards the end of the previous Nintendo Direct Mini and for it to have this much fanfare on the Switch is very surprising to say the least!

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 2.13.44 PM


Nintendo also announced that the adorable sun praiser himself – Solaire of Astoria – will be in Amiibo form and indeed in his classic pose. As for what it does, it allows for players to praise the sun on the fly, without the need to learn the pose. Solaire will be only the second Amiibo to not originate from a Nintendo published game (Cloud is part of Super Smash Bros. before you start getting smart in the comments) as he joins Shovel Knight and his upcoming Knight adversaries to the Amiibo range.

Naturally this one will likely be highly collectable, but I wonder if other Nintendo characters would end up praising the sun as a result? I mean probably not as the Shovel Knight one does practically nothing outside of the biggest indie games, but one can dream, right?

[UPDATE: 10/03/2018] It looks like the Network Test will also be coming to PS4 and Xbox One, as is confirmed by FromSoftware’s Twitter account. No word if the PC version will get one, since that version was the one that was most broken of the lot (*cough* Games for Windows Live *cough*), but I’m sure there will be some news if that’s the case. Thanks to the user homerjnick for pointing this out to us.



  1. Of course they did. At least it’s just cosmetic and realy, praising the sun is easy.Though, I am surprised Zelda and Mario haven’t been crammed into it. It kinda doesn’t suit Dark Souls to have fanservice such as that.

  2. No interest in amiibos – no interest in plastic game-related tat.
    And yet i feel slightly envious. It’s nice to have something physical to ‘cement’ your engagement with a game – the callusus on my fingers aren’t quite the same thing.

  3. The network test is coming to PS4 too…

    • I think the article is just focusing on the switch version due to amibos.

      • Nah, we just didn’t know at the time, though we were in awe of Solaire’s splendorous Amiibo pose. The article has now been updated to reflect this update, so thanks homerjnick!

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