New Destiny Rumours Give House Of Wolves Release Date & New Expansion Info

Before we begin I’d like to start that everything reported here is yet unverified by Bungie, but it does appear some details regarding new expansions for Destiny have appeared online. There is also an apparent release date for the second expansion, known as House Of Wolves, which is allegedly releasing on March 10th. While that is decent news on its own there seems to be a leak of major proportions.



The above photo was apparently taken by a person who was in a Bungie production meeting, which suggests an employee of the company. Again, unverified. The picture shows the first two expansions but then things get interesting. There seems to be a major content update called Comet: Plague Of Darkness due for release in September. If you look at the picture isn’t given an “Ep” number. Now, this is apparently a major add on that will bring 12 new story missions, four strikes, a new location on a Hive ship, and six new PvP maps. There will also apparently be new subclasses and weapon types. Another interesting tidbit is that Comet will get a disk release due to its size, but it is not Destiny Two.

After Comet there are two more expansions, one which focuses on the Vex though it has no title. This will apparently have three story based missions, two strikes, a raid, and some PvP maps. The fourth is called Forge Of Gods, with the rumours suggesting the Cabal will be the main force to deal with here. If these follow the same pattern as the first round of DLC then Vex would appear in December 2015, while Forge would land early 2016. It wouldn’t surprise me if after that we got a Destiny 2 announcement with a late 2016 release date. Or another add on similar in size to Comet.

As stated this is all to be verified and, if the March date is correct, I’d hazard a guess to say the House Of Wolves promotional campaign will begin mid February.

Source: NeoGaf



  1. Those leaked Bungie/Activision contract papers seemed to imply full games were every other year with “comets” on the intervening years. From the look of things, maybe the Comet is a standalone expansion, with it being shown as a game box? If that were the case, though, it would be difficult to see how EP3 & 4 fit in – are the expansions to the comet? The original game? Both? If both, then surely the comet extras would also need to be available to the original game owners, rather than just the comet disc. My head hurts just about it.
    Of course, last time there was a leak, Bungie were quick to confirm/clarify on their next weekly update, so roll on next Thursday.

  2. A friend of mine has made a good point. How many, if any, of these expansions will be covered by the season pass?

    • The first two, The Dark Below and House of Wolves are covered by the Expansion Pass. It never said it was for all DLC, just for the first two expansions, despite how expensive it was.

      • Yeah, it is the first two only – As colmshan rightly points out as well, it was marketed as an ‘expansion’ pass not ‘season’ pass, so that may be where the confusion has come from.

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