Far Cry 4 Disappears From Xbox One Store, Renders Digital Copies Unplayable

Ubisoft are tonight “actively investigating” after issues affecting Far Cry 4 players on Xbox One came to light.

Reddit users first posted reporting problems with the game loading on Microsoft’s console this morning, and the issue has since been acknowledged by the games publisher on their official forums – although exactly what’s happened is still somewhat of a mystery.

Ubisoft’s community manager took to the forums to suggest those affected contacted MS Support “since it appears that the game has been removed from the Store – this has happened for some – please check if it’s still available to you – if not, it ‘could’ be related to that”, although, again, there’s not much clarity as to what exactly’s going on. He continued, “however as I say, Ubisoft are looking into the issue as a matter of urgency.”

With the game now, however temporarily, delisted, the finer points of licensing on the new-gen consoles has been questioned by fans. Will we – unlike previously – lose access to our digital purchases if Microsoft or Sony decide to pull titles from their respective store-fronts, for whatever reason?

UPDATE: The game is now back on the store and seems to be working for those who purchased the digital download.

Source: Ubisoft Forums, Reddit. Via Videogamer



  1. If the games were considerably cheaper digitally, I could probably live with these niggles, But as they aren’t I will generally keep to disc copies, cheaper and can be resold. Come on Microsoft and Sony – get your respective houses In order and market the digital route correctly to win the consumer over!

    • This is generally why I hang around for Steam sales and use trusted key sites for my digital purchases. I feel it’s a good way to recoup the ‘losses’, as it were, you not being able to trade in and get money back and I begrudge paying anything over £5 for an ubisoft game these days as it is but if I lost it I’m not going to be as bothered as if i’d dropped a ton of money on it and have nothing to fall back on.

  2. Achievements are still broken too. Five days for myself but up to nine days for others. And still no fix. Could this all be related to the Christmas hack I wonder?

    • No, I doubt it. That wasn’t a proper hack, just a forced server overload. This is likely human error.

      Hopefully it’ll be sorted soon, nine days is rather long for what should be a simple basic feature.

    • Doesn’t the achievements unlocked when you are online. I heard playing a single player when offline and the Achievements will not unlock!
      I hate it when you have to be online for it to register as I nearly lost a trophy with The Crew but it PLING when I had to replay the race again!

  3. So hang on, the game needs to physically be on the store for the download version to work? That can’t be right can it?

    What happens in the future when they eventually decide to remove it due to it being an aged title – No-one can the play it at all?

    • Thats what I thought. Sounds a bit odd.
      I’ve played my digital copy of DriveClub without being signed into PSN so surely the FarCry thing must be some kind of strange error.
      Maybe Microsoft are practising putting the Always Online policy together again. ;)

      • Yeah, as far as I am concerned, any game that you have purchased (via any means) should be available to you regardless of the state of the network or the store. Granted, this doesn’t work with Destiny or the Crew as they are always online (which was a constant frustration for me over the xmas period), but to have a game that you have purchased not work because the version you bought isn’t presently available on the store is utterly ridiculous. Almost criminal in fact, as you are being forcibly restricted from content that you have purchased & that should be available to you for no good reason.

  4. Why on earth would removing it from the store make it unplayable if you have already bought it and downloaded it? Fair enough that you wouldn’t be able to re-download it but surely the licence and content is already on your HDD?

    This is a very worrying development – I would certainly think twice before buying a full retail game digitally. It’s like paying a premium for a long-term rental of the game rather than buying it.

    What happens in 3 years when they close the online servers? Will it be removed from the store at that point? So you can’t even play the offline content either? Actually thinking about it does this mean you are not allowed to play any Xbox One digital games offline, otherwise how else would the game know it has been removed from the store? Surely this can’t be the same for the PS4?

    Not that I would consider buying a retail game digitally anyway – it baffles me how so many people are willing to pay more to get less when you can pre-order online and get a lovely physical copy delivered to your door on the day of release for less money. Especially for older games that are discounted much more at retail than they ever get discounted digitally. Is it really that hard to swap discs? I would personally never pay more than £15 for a digital game…

  5. Ha ha it’s a shit game anyway. Plus only gypsies have an egg box.

    • Has this bellend not been banned yet?

      • I’m amazed he hasn’t been after reading one of the comments he left yesterday towards an existing member.

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