PlanetSide 2 Closed Beta Confirmed For January 20th In US (Updated)

Clint Worley, the Executive Producer for Planetside 2, took to the US Playstation Blog to explain that the 20th of January will see the closed beta launch in the US, “We are working on our SCEE Beta submission. It will be slightly delayed but it is on its way. Once we have a confirmed date we will let our SCEE players know. I would still recommend signing up for the Beta via our webpage just to be sure.”

Hopefully a “slight delay” doesn’t translate into the kind of drawn-out wait that EU players have been subjected to by Sony in the past.


Original Story:

Last week Sony’s John Smedley confirmed that we should expect the PlanetSide 2 closed beta to appear in January, and now the date has been set for January 20th. There isn’t a clear indication of how long the beta will run for but it seems like a little while as Sony Online Entertainment looks to introduce waves of players gradually to stress test the servers. You can still sign up for a chance to enter the beta, but it has been confirmed players are getting invites on a first come first served basis.

As it is a beta SOE is expecting a lot of player feedback on everything to do with the game, as well as bug checking. To do so there will be a forum where players can discuss issues with the devs. Alphas and betas have been a bit hit and miss over the last year, with the Destiny ones running generally smoothly while the Evolve alpha struggled a quite a bit. PlanetSide 2 could go either way but with this being a Sony title the company will do everything in its power to make sure the beta is a success. With recent PSN issues Sony can’t afford more mistakes, and PlanetSide 2 could be a test for them.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Worthy of note as to who will and how many get access:

    Sony says players will be invited in chronological order based on when they signed up. On January 20, Sony will invite “a few thousand” players into the beta, while additional waves will scale up from there.

  2. Fingers crossed I get an invite, I think it will be one of those games that is either amazing or terrible – fingers crossed it’s the former. I’m not usually into sci-fi shooters, but the MMO/teamwork aspect coupled with it being free-2-pay (and properly f2p) certainly has me interested.

  3. According to IGN it’s north america only :( !

    • That sucks :(

      It’ll be followed by an open beta so at least we’ll still get a chance to try it soon…

  4. They didn’t tell us this during the sign up though :S

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