Chinese PlayStation 4 Launch Postponed At The Last Minute

After around 14 years with a foreign games console ban in place in China, January 11th was all set to be Sony’s (hopefully) grand re-entry into what could be a hugely lucrative market, with the lifting of the ban last September. Right at the last minute, that launch date has had to be pushed back.

Citing “various factors”, there hasn’t been the announcement of a new launch date, but Reuters have reported that the delay is partly through lengthy discussions with the local authorities. Gaming is still very heavily regulated in the country, to the extent that the Xbox One has just 10 games available for console owners.


Of course, we’ve all seen this before, when the Xbox One’s Chinese launch was similarly postponed, back in September of last year. In that case, it was less than a week before the console did make it to market, so hopefully this will be a similarly short delay.

Then again, there’s no need to rush things when you’re selling millions and millions of consoles in the rest of the world.

Source: Reuters, via



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  2. Do you think the Chinese government are just trying to remind them who’s boss? ‘Think you can release your console here? Mwahahahaaaa *flicks beard like Pei Mei in Kill Bill* Come back in one week, lesser beings.’

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