Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Be Out This Year Says Goofy, Then Backtracks

Look, I know it’s January and news is scarce, hell I just wrote about Spongebob bloody Squarepants, but is this really headline news? Apparently so if other larger sites are to be believed.

Here is the skinny: Bill Farmer, the voice actor for Goofy in the forthcoming Kingdom Hearts game has tweeted than the title will be out this year. Cue websites going nuts and posting all his tweets.


Now call me a cynical bitch, but the last person who will know the release date for the game is the bloke who recorded a voice track years ago and has had nothing to do with the game since then. I’m sure Bill is lovely but he’s not a trusted souce for headline news, as proved a little later when he deleted all his tweets and posted a new one.

So there you go. Not news. Not that it ever was in the first place, I despair for humanity sometimes.

Source: Twitter


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  1. what would you expect from goofy, he’s …you know… Goofy

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