ooVoo App Set To Bring Video Chat To PS4

ooVoo has announced at CES 2015 that it will be bringing a video chat app to the PS4 at some point in Q2 of 2015, with the app itself using the PS4 camera. ooVoo users will be able to sign into the PS4 app, and those without will have to create one. At the moment ooVoo is still working on a way to integrate the PS4 friend lists with the app, which will eventually lead to being able to start chat through browsing the list. ooVoo does have a regular messaging service but this will not be included due to the platform not really built for it.


Eventually the ooVoo app will allow people to watch videos and streams together, which could be pretty good for things like conferences. It’ll likely be a free app as the service itself is free, and it is unlikely to require Plus either. In this instance Sony is playing catch to both Nintendo and Microsoft, as the Wii U and Xbox One both have video calling capabilities.

Source: SamueltehG33k Youtube via GAF



  1. I found it utterly ridiculous that ps3 had video chat yet ps4 doesn’t. I bought the camera for this purpose, then realised you can’t do it. Ha. Anyway, all these little minor improvements they keep making all add up.

    • I know what you mean but should we have to rely on third party applications to have basic features that the PS3 had?

      It is like the guys at Sony either decided against the features that are basics to any OS, or completely forgot to check what the system used to do.

      I could come up with a hundred things that although are not deal breakers with the PS4 still surprise me they are missing

      • I agree, Sony had a fantastic launch with exceptional sales but are in danger of being a victim of their own success. For a company of their status I’m shocked by the lack of communication/timetable with regards to basic improvements that have been asked for time and time again. Sony did stipulate that it was a gaming machine, first and foremost, but they should have at least used the current features of the PS3 as a starting point.

      • I know what you mean, i want to upgrade my HDD but with no backup and restore option im going to leave it for now. I dont fancy re-downloading 500gb worth of games.

      • Video chat is now a feature that is a standard for a gaming console?


        I don’t know about that, I mean when I game I like to have the whole screen.

        People forget that the PS3 used the tag line “it only does everything”. The PS4’s focus is gaming.

        Also didn’t they say that people complained about the constant firmware updates? So that’s why they are not releasing them in shorter spaces of time?

        Anyway it’s not like you can’t chat with friends any other way you have party chat. And this app will allow you to video chat with people who don’t have a PS4.

  2. A Skype app would be nice! Can’t see that happening though.

    • Well Skype is on the Vita. Don’t understand why its not on the ps4!

  3. Constant firmware updates aren’t needed but it would be nice to for the updates to actually bring the features that are most requested by the user, and not just ignore those and introduce what they consider useful (not forgetting instant resume which was pushed hard as a feature and has yet to appear). This is where Microsoft is listening and responding accordingly.

    • I don’t know about you but I’d rather wait for a feature and have it work than have them rush out a broken feature.


      • An interesting quote from that article…
        “For example we wanted to improve to the share feature, and then there are other features that people are demanding, such as enabling the sharing of media (DLNA) and the use of MP3”
        …This sounds to me very much like “We prioritised our wishes first and put our customer requests to the back of the queue”.

      • They probably shouldn’t have announced it so early, or made it clear it was a long way off.

      • I’m all for releasing only finished features, but Sony do have a habit of pushing a feature and then either not releasing it or being a little economical with the truth.

        “Some features will not be available at launch, such as “suspend/resume mode” which is a feature that keeps the PS4 system in a low power state and promptly takes users back to their game. We will provide additional information about system software update version 1.50 and features available at the PS4 system’s launch, and features that will be available after launch, in the near future.”

        taken from 25th October 2013:


        The problem really is this was featured at E3 in 2013, 19 months ago, as a key feature – they never had it working in the first place. even though the launch was only 6 months away.

  4. Cool. Looks like I may get some more use out of the camera apart from the few sessions where I’ve shown people the Play Room, which is admittedly pretty cool.

    One to one video chat with Samantha Fox springs to mind.

  5. Thought there would be a way to do this when the PS4 first released so grabbed the camera at launch. Really glad the option is coming now a friend had moved to the states.

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