Forza Motorsport 6 Announced For Xbox One

This one seems a bit out of the blue, with an announcement on twitter to coincide with Ford’s marketing of their Ford GT car – which will be the “cover star” of the game. Forza 6 has just been announced exclusively for Xbox One.

It’s hardly a surprise that it’s coming, and while the initial tweet may seem a bit random, there’s a post over on the Xbox Newswire which tells us the announcement took place at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. That makes a lot of sense, and pushes it as a serious game for car enthusiasts. We can expect to see gameplay at E3 in June, but there’s a teaser below to get you excited.

Microsoft are also teasing that 2015 – the tenth anniversary of the series – will be the “busiest and biggest” in Forza history, and that they’ll have more exciting plans to share soon. We’re all ears.



  1. Interesting. Whilst I’ve often preferred Gran Turismo (except in the case of Forza 2), this might yet be another title to tempt me over to some people’s version of the dark side aka Xbox One. That said, I’m already swayed over quite a bit.

    • There’s no dark side in my view, just a question of finance and being able to afford both consoles and their respective sim racers, or making a choice between one or t’other.
      I’ve played Gran Turismo since it’s version 1 inception back in the day before X was even a box so it was a natural choice for me to follow the GT route.

      • The ‘dark side’ thing was really sarcasm on my part, given that there’s seems to be a little hostility (or very pointed criticism) of late in regards to the X1.

        I took a break from GT after 3, swapping quite late over to Forza 2 on the 360 and it was an absolutely cracking racer. Unfortunately Forza 3 and 4 were not quite the same for me, and then of course GT5 came crashing through so I ended up switching my time back to GT.

        I’m curious to see how much content Forza will have, and whether it might tread over into some slightly heavier racing territory like GT6 has done.

      • Must be a bit agonising for you at the moment dude, get the X1 and relish the quite decent line up that the console has to offer yet forfeit the option to go team Sony next gen with it’s promising future.
        To be fair the PS4 seems to lack direction at the moment but I have full confidence that it’ll find it’s way and prosper in the long run.

    • It’s still a poor man’s gran turismo. Also, I know it’s not fashionable to like driveclub, but thats easily the best racer on current platforms and this won’t change that (of course Microsoft marketing money will make it appear so)..

      Forza has always been for kids that are too young to drive real cars and don’t know how laughably bad the physics are.

      • ?
        Oh I see, you’ve only been a member a month. It isn’t like Ign here, we Have intelligent discussion, like the other comments, such as have they had enough time, when will it release, etc..

        Not calling a consistently 80+ metacritic series “laughably bad and for kids”.

      • is it really intelligent to base games of ratings now? Games are all based on preference. if he thinks the physics are bad then good on him, however blasting it for being for kids is outmost silly.

  2. good for those who like racing games.
    But this is why I gave up on my 360 and currently aren’t bothered with its successor. Forza, Gears, Halo, Forza, Gears, Halo and so on. Those are their continual go-to franchises, especially later in the console lifecycle.
    And if you don’t like 2 of those 3 franchises there’s not a lot else.
    So this would be what, less that 2 years on the market and 3 games with the Forza name already?

    • Funny as a lot of people would be put off if those series DIDN’T return. All console makers have their big series that get milked.

      • I wish they’d milk GT7 for PS4!

    • “So this would be what, less that 2 years on the market and 3 games with the Forza name already?”

      Frankly you could ask that question about several other games too. Loads of game franchises get milked to varying degrees.

      • And all of them suffer from the saturation.

    • “So this would be what, less that 2 years on the market and 3 games with the Forza name already?”
      Actually I’m inclined to agree if that as the case.

      So there’s actually already been 2 Forza games for the Xbox One? I wasn’t aware. The fact it’s only been on the market about 14 months and they’re already announcing the 3rd (admittedly it could be a year away, but probably not) does seem a bit quick. Hell, that even makes Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed look a bit slack!

      Maybe Evolution should have held off on the DriveClub season pass and just released the extra Tour Events this Summer packaged as DriveClub 2, then we’d have another 2015 exclusive ;)

      • With two teams handling the Forza brand these days (Turn 10 and Playground Games) they seem to alternate between the “Motorsport” series, i.e. sim racing, and the “Horizon” series, i.e. arcade/Burnout-esqe racing.

        Given how different the two series are, I’m perfectly happy with this arrangement.

      • Forza 5 at launch, Horizon 2 a year later (a arcadey spin-off) and Forza 6 two years after 5 isn’t that bad really.

        As for Driveclub 2, it’ll be a long way off, they haven’t finished the first one yet!

      • I finished it a couple of months ago! lol
        I’m stuck on one of the new Season Pass Tours.

      • Yeah, Horizon is like a good Need For Speed. It just shares the name for marketing purposes.

        (it also uses the same engine and assets for cars)

  3. I thought this was on the way, November release I expect.

  4. Great! FM5 felt like a Gran Turismo Prologue due to it’s lack of tracks. This should be a less rushed product with a lot more content already at the starting line.

    I enjoy both Gran Turismo and Forza, but Forza is the better splitscreen game. I don’t like how GT keeps standard cars and how it limits your choices in multiplayer.

  5. Excellent. Felt let down by F5’s lack of content but I’m putting that down to the fact it was a launch title. The core gameplay was amazing so I’ll probably pick up a copy of F6 later this year.

    • The graphics are physics were laughably bad. 1080p cardboard cutouts and stockcar physics.

  6. Yay, i’ll pick this up for sure, probably my 2 favourite X1 games were 5 and horizon 2. Turn 10 already had a decent starting point with the next gen exclusive 5, so 2 years should be plenty of time for a car game.

    Suddenly it looks like a very competitive lineup for holiday 2015 on the X1. I’ll personally be picking up this forza with Quantum break.

  7. Just bought an Xbox One the other week. Look forward to playing this. Really like Forza 5, although they need to bring the storefront back.

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