Kung Lao Confirmed For Mortal Kombat X

Ed Boon has confirmed another character for Mortal Kombat X, and it is one of the original characters, Kung Lao. For those who don’t know their Mortal Kombat characters this is the one who throws his hat at people, which has the ability to cut people in half. Kung Lao is also described as a pacifist, except for the times someone attacks him. He is actually one of my favourite characters to play as in the game, and Kung Lao’s inclusion in MKX isn’t really a surprise since he has been almost ever present since the series began.



A trailer for Kung Lao is expected to drop in the next couple of days to show off his different move styles, and I’m going to hazard a guess that one will be called Shaolin Monk since that is what Kung Lao is. I could be wrong though. No doubt we’ll see a lot of hat throwing action, and it will likely be part of Kung Lao’s fatality move too.

Source: Twitter



  1. His three fighting styles are; Tempest, Buzz Saw and Hat Trick

  2. His fatalities were always the best.

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