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Shiftlings Land On PC, Xbox One and PS4 This Spring

I think Sierra are having a little joke with writers by titling their new game Shiftlings, especially when “f” and “t” are so close to each other on the keyboard, I have already made the rather unsavoury typo twice.

The game itself finds you playing as”two adorably dim-witted alien space janitors” in a quirky and colourful platform puzzler. The janitors are conjoined by an air hose and you  must shift size and weight between the two characters to solve the puzzles.

Shiftlings lands on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this spring.

Source: YouTube / RockPocketGames


  1. Looks lovely and silly. Consider me interested. :-)

  2. That looks like a great game because I really love the co-op levels in Little Big Planet and this looks exactly like that. Great fun.

  3. Aaaww, look at ’em. I’ll give this go as long as it’s priced reasonably. The kind of game i enjoy playing as a break from Destiny, Killzone (yep, still playing it) etc.

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