Shiftlings Release Date Announced, Bonus Levels Detailed

The typo-tempting Shiftlings have a release date on PlayStation 4 and it is 11th March. Along with the 50 levels in the main game there are five extra bonus levels and you can find Rock Pocket Game’s description of them below this “Behind the scenes” video.

Event Horizon

We wanted to achieve a hectic and wildly fun level with constant movement. So we decided that you would have to ride an elevator through the entire level while avoiding obstacles. Naturally, you’ll also have to avoid getting pushed or pulled off of your platform. Of course we also just had to have this platform carried by a giant robot of doom along with a sea of fire waiting for you should you make a slight misstep.


In Hyperactivia we introduce gravity beams and springs which can be particularly fun if you have both players being bounced around while switching sizes. To add to the chaos, you’re being chased by a giant spinning flame wheel of death. Think of it like an extreme game of tag.


We haven’t shown this level to anyone yet, are you excited? Get your spurs because Western ways are the flavor of the month here, partner! In this level, you will fire yourself out of a cannon onto conveyor belts that are moving in all directions. You will have to shift sizes of the characters accordingly so going down the wrong path does not have to mean inevitable death (or does it?).

Earth 2.0

This should feel like home! Here we have hinged platforms that will slow down your progress to a dead stop if you don’t know what you’re doing. Every time you swap sizes or jump, look out for swinging platforms. In the interest of hilarious mistaken deaths, the player must ride an elevator down to the exit while controlling the platforms to block hazards and find a safe path… or else!


Disappearing platforms are another fun way to halt your inexorable progress to beating our game. Think you’re safe on a platform? Oops, there it goes. This level is a marathon of disappearing platforms where you have to keep moving to avoid coming down with a serious case of the deadsies. Oh yeah, by the way, did we mention you’ll be chased by a giant bank of laser beams?

Source: EU PS Blog


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