Project CARS’ New Trailer Gives Samples Of Various Vehicles

A new trailer has been released for Project CARS which shows off various vehicles, and gives glimpses of tracks that will be in the game. The footage itself can be viewed in 60fps and it really looks very well detailed. Within the trailer you’ll see vehicles from regular road cars up to super cars, and other things in between. The footage manages to look almost photo realistic in some of the shots, with reflections in car bodies moving smoothly, and interiors appearing finely created.


Project CARS did get a delay last October with a new release date set for March 20th in the UK & Europe.  North America will receive the game a few days earlier on March 17th.

Source: Youtube



  1. After the wanton destruction of any excitement I might have had for Driveclub, a shiny PS4 driving game is welcome, not played one yet

    • Same here. Almost caving in now Driveclub is 20 quid but I’d rather wait for the PS+ version or buy Project Cars, whoevers first =)

  2. Looks amazing and a good range of cars shown too. Agree with MrJimmy though, I won’t be getting my hopes up until we see some reviews.

  3. To me, it seems a bit too ambitious. Sportscars, racingcars, formula, nascar… I fear they might have bitten over more than they can chew. But then they’ve made the NFS Shift games, and they weren’t bad. So there’s hope.

    It wouldn’t be bad for GT and Forza to gain another challenger. Keeps them on their toes.

    • The Gran Turismo games have covered all those types of racing and pulled it off so there’s no reason why Slightly Mad cannot do the same.

      • Gran Turismo has had many years and sequels to do so in. As well as, I assume, a much larger budget. Not to mention the decades of development between games.

        That’s three reasons. I’m cautiously optimistic. I rather enjoyed Shift 2, but it had some flaws and lacked the staying power of Gran Turismo and Forza.

  4. There’s some great cars and tracks included in the game. With Cadwell, Donington and Oulton Parks, Brands Hatch, Silverstone and Snetterton we can relive the good old days of the TOCA games, even if the cars aren’t the right models.

  5. Lovely, 2015 looks great for sim racer fans.

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