Microsoft HoloLens Looks To Bring Gaming Out Of Your Television

Windows Holographic is Microsoft’s next step into the future. Instead of virtual reality, they’re looking to augmented reality using a their HoloLens headset which can make screens, models, and much more appear around your home.


While gaming may not immediately spring to mind for this, with uses focused on work environments their tech demo video showed a three-dimensional version of Minecraft in your living room, where you could build and move holographic blocks in your living room.

And then they suggested that more surreal gaming experiences could exist, taking over your entire room and bringing gaming out into the open beyond your screen. It could be really impressive if it catches on – and if it works well enough – bringing new experiences beyond what we’ve seen before.


This technology will be available to all Windows 10 developers, and HoloLens is effectively the technology which will power the software, with spatial sound and see-through high definition lenses. This looks like it might be years off, but they’ve got the device now, on stage, and have revealed that it will launch in the “Windows 10 timeframe”.



  1. The hololens is a bit of a misleading name. I mean, it’s not really offering holograms.

    I’m unsure if this would work for a majority of games or prevent blokes from getting kicked out of their house by their partner due to Dead Or Alive:Hololens edition. I doubt it would work for massive open world games or any game that is not set in the modern day setting but that may just be me. I do hope that it will not end up being the cousin of the Virtual Boy that wants to beat you up for not buying it’s older friend any chocolate.

  2. Interesting.. The Mars section reminds me a lot of the detective sequences from Heavy Rain. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what the reality of this turn out to be. I seem to be remember Kinect sounded good too.

  3. I quite like the AR things the PS Vita does but I’m still not interested in any gaming peripheral that requires some wear it on your head gubbins. (gubbins was autocorrected to gibbons which would be more interesting)

    • But how are you going to get AR or VR without a head mounted device?

      This looks like a hardcore Google glass, not completely hooked on its gaming credentials though, they will need to show more than minecraft for that.

      • The vita does AR, its not used much but I think its nice. There’s about half a dozen AR games on it.

  4. Quite interesting combination of tech… a bastardisation of Google Glass, EyeToy/Move/Vita, and VR Headsets.
    It’ll be interesting to see how ‘full’ these graphics will be in covering over the areas they want to (or how much transparency it takes to break the illusion).

    I’ve been testing Glass and the Oculus DK2, and have loved the various developments and tech videos of Sony’s AR… and I have to say that if the final product resembles anything near the ‘fullness’ of the AR images in the video then this could be a masterstroke by Microsoft. Oculus (and Morpheus) are both frustrating with the stop/start nature of putting the equipment on. You’re in the middle of a game and then need to interact with the real world… you’re completely blind, and oblivious to those around you (especially when wearing a headset).

    If Microsoft can place AR graphics anywhere within the technical field of view, then not only can they re-produce somewhat of a VR experience, but they can go a step further and allow the real and virtual worlds coexist.
    Latency and getting the 3D image right for both eyes whilst also keeping it on its real world mark will be the technical hurdles to get over, but I’ve got a feeling that this type of video headset stands the best chance of eliminating ‘simulation sickness’

  5. Great concept, and as rept0n said; it can potentially make simple VR a thing of the past by blending it in with this tech. Letting it fill your vision when playing, and then minimising it to see the real world.

    But there’s no way it work anywhere near this well and look as cool for many, many years. Especially as a consumer level device. The tech needed is mind-blowing.

    And it still looks like a toilet seat.

  6. I’m calling complete bullshit on this! That kind of tech, working properly, won’t exist in my lifetime sadly. Looks awesome, shame I’ll never see it.

  7. interesting tech, sure, if it works as well as they say.

    hardly revolutionary though.
    it’s the same thing handhelds have been doing for a while now.
    the 3DS has been doing AR for a while, the Vita’s done it, i remember seeing a video where they had the vita detecting the shape of objects in the environment.
    this is just like that, but instead the graphics overlaying the camera footage, it just displays them on this clear screen.
    and it’s not like this is even the first device to do something like this.

    mind you though, i’m not sure some of the examples shown would be possible right now.
    like the motorbike one especially.
    tying objects to flat surfaces should be relatively easy, even the Vita can do that, but i don’t see how they can do it with a complex shape like a motorbike.

    maybe there’s some sort of Kinect style tech in there, that might explain it.
    but if that is the case, what happens with multiple users?
    all shooting out their own infrared beams.
    wouldn’t that interfere with the 3d detection?


    is it weird that the example that i was most excited by was the Minecraft one? ^_^

  8. That Minecraft things is weird (although impressive) – I wouldn’t want to play it all over my living room, I would find all the other stuff around the room very distracting – we can actually only focus on a very small section of our entire vision anyway. Quite happy using a TV/monitor without some headgear.

  9. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for architects or interior designers showing people around an empty shell of a building etc.
    In reality though, I can see most blokes using this to have a virtual girlfriend parading around the house naked… Maybe this does have great potential ;)

  10. Cool tech, i’d say primary use will be for teaching/training purposes but i’m sure they will try to leverage it for as many uses as possible.

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