Final Fantasy Type-0 HD’s New Trailer Show The Visual Improvements Over The PSP Edition

A new trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has been released with this one showing the graphical improvements between the new version, and the original PSP version. As expected there has been quite a lot of upgrades with everything looking rather shiny in the HD edition of the game. For most though this is one of the few glimpses of the PSP version considering the original Type-0 didn’t release in western markets.


As a fan of the Final Fantasy series I’m looking forward to playing this when it comes out, and seeing how it compares to some of my other favourites that share that title. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be releasing on March 20th, and will contain a code for a demo of Final Fantasy XV.

Source: Youtube



  1. I still don’t understand how it was decided that it wouldn’t be worth releasing this in the West.

    Final Fantasy is always going to sell well after all.

  2. I ain’t gonna lie. I’m buying this for the demo of Versus. But I’ll probably spend some time with this as well, so hopefully it’s good.

    • A bit of a crazy comment as the game really is brilliant stuff, a far cry from recent FF games and more in line with the older ones.

      • Fantastic! That’s a nice bonus then. :-)

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