Check Out 15 Minutes Of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt In 1080P

Fresh from a preview event we have a video with fifteen minutes of footage taken from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PC. Being the PC version it does look fantastic but recent reports suggest the PlayStation 4 version is similar, albeit with slightly burred textures.

It is also reported that whilst the PS4 version runs at 1080p/30fps, the Xbox One version is currently locked to 900p, but with a few months of development ahead there is every chance that will change.

Source: Gamestar / YouTube



  1. Looks very pretty but the ridiculous amount of environment miraculously appearing from nowhere irritated the crap out of me. I hope that’s mended before release cos I’ve been looking forward to this game.

  2. It looks like a very large and open sandbox. I’m sure everything will be top quality though I did notice a lot of horse riding and running around, and this bothers me. GTA V was excellent, well written, great missions and great progression, though I noticed that far too many of the missions involved driving to the actual mission which felt like it was in there to add extra mission time.

  3. For single player campaigns my opinion towards open sandbox games are beginning to change.
    I used to be all for them but I’m beginning to realise I tend to enjoy linear games more as certain environments you have to go through suit different bits of stories/chapters more helping to keep me gripped in the story.

    eg: AC Unity seemed to be full of too many side missions or separate stories resulting in me forgetting/losing interest in the main story altogether and forgetting what the hell I was doing in Paris in the first place.

    Like Amphlett states, there seems to be a hell of a lot of riding around on a horse in The Witcher which may distract me or kind of force me to ‘lose’ the moment as opposed to being stuck in the moment like I was with TLOU and a few others.

  4. Looks lovely but I hope they sort out the massive injection of botox everyone’s received. :-\

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