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Local Multiplayer Title Paperbound Gets A New Trailer

Dissident Logic has released a trailer for its local multilplayer title Paperbound, which sees players taking on the roles of storybook characters who try to hurt each other in various ways. The game is releasing in February in North America, while Europe will have to wait a little longer. Paperbound will allow between two to four players to face each other across various modes in environments that are free-form, so you can run on the walls and ceilings.

The game modes include Versus, Soccer, and Team Versus, and these can be played across five different stages. These are Journey to the Center of the Earth, Cleopatra, Myth of the Ninja, Skull Kingdom, and Inferno di Dante. The price of Paperbound is $9.99, and it will be releasing on PS4, and PC.

Source: Dissident Logic via PlayStation Lifestyle

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  1. Looks like Towerfall meets Smash Bros. I’m sold

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